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EVNIK-PRO High-Speed Simulator, High-Speed
EVNIK-PRO High-Speed Simulator, High-Speed
EVNIK-PRO High-Speed Simulator, High-Speed
EVNIK-PRO High-Speed Simulator, High-Speed

EVNIK-PRO High-Speed Simulator, High-Speed Simulator for Professional Boxers, MMA and Karate. Punching Speed, Punching Power.

Product ID : 36014839
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Galleon Product ID 36014839
UPC / ISBN 609239926220
Shipping Weight 0.75 lbs
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Manufacturer EVNIK
Shipping Dimension 10 x 7.99 x 1.3 inches
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Color Black
Is Memorabilia 0
Size 5.51*7.48
UPC 609239926220
Product is Out of Stock as of Sep, 16 2020
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EVNIK-PRO High-Speed Simulator, High-Speed Features

  • You are in for an incredible acquaintance: a patented speed and impact (two-in-one) simulator; proprietary pioneering technology; unrivaled exercises you will be delighted with.

  • EVNIK Black Dragon HS moves from side to side, up and down alternatively and at an increasing rate! This creates an incredible load on tendons for their conditioning and strengthening. It is the world’s first training tool specially designed to strengthen tendons. There is nothing of the kind for tendon conditioning in the world!

  • Use EVNIK Black Dragon HS and it will train your body to accumulate and release potential energy hidden in your muscles and tendons! It is another incredible feature provided by Evnik PRO HS. Now sportsmen can generate potential energy in their upper body easily and efficiently. It is similar to plyometrics but healthier for arm and body muscles.

  • The world sports did not have any technologies of this kind before, which is confirmed by WIPO.

  • Place your order right now and get access to two Golden Complexes (they cost $29.99 each; $59.98 saved in total) AS A GIFT! A set comprises a model PRO, colored black, 1 element in a pack + inserts/ prompts with exercises + a link to videos for you to see the exercises. You will see us in the video tutorials. Let us exercise together!

About EVNIK-PRO High-Speed Simulator, High-Speed

Product Description Evnik HS features high quality and durability. A 10-year warranty is provided. In terms of healthcare Evnik HS, it is a mechanical stimulator of the central and peripheral nervous system and this combination makes it a unique tool improving athletes’ agility and coordinating capabilities. This also makes it very helpful in playing sports. Moreover, the simulator enables a new method for exercising impact movements which has been delightfully welcome by those keen on combat sports. EVNIK PRO is an amazingly powerful simulator that professional athletes are sure to like. It was initially used in combat sports to boost the explosive strength and the speed of arm and body movements. Recently, it has been widely used by professionals in playing sports to improve coordinating capabilities of their muscles, boost their strength, agility and dexterity. Evnik HS is not for lifting weights The simulator accumulates potential and kinetic energy in its body during its motion and flexure in order to provide a sudden load for your muscles! Thus, your muscles experience a good “shock” and the work-out process is boosted. Exercising with the simulator is great fun: it jumps in your hand “trying to escape” while you have to hold it and this is how an energy boost (in the simulator itself and in your muscles!) is provided so that you do not even notice it and your whole body is conditioned intensively. For the first time in the history of sports, it has now become possible to exercise ANTAGONIST MUSCLES purposefully increasing their efficiency. The growth of all physical components of an athlete’s locomotor system has been taken a step up which may become a crucial factor in any sport. World records have been set through the use of Evnik HS. You will see us in our video tutorials. Let us exercise together!..