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Balazs Lazer Speed Bag
Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

Balazs Lazer Speed Bag (6 x 9 Small Sonic)

Product ID : 39052203
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Galleon Product ID 39052203
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Balazs Lazer Speed Bag Features

  • Smooth grained leather

  • No laces - No welting

  • Air chamber never pops

  • Kevlar triple stitched loop

About Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

The Balazs Lazer Bags are the best - in every detail, in every way, - you gotta try one, but only if “Your Serious”. Start with the sizes, Peanut, Small, Medium, and Large, - no having to pick which one because what you want is not available in your size - the Balazs Lazer Bags are available in all sizes - no nonsense. The connection is - Kevlar !!, double layered, perfectly centered, triple stitched Loop! No shortcuts here to throw the balance off. On the bag itself - the highest quality hand selected Smooth Grained Leather is all we ever use - smooth on your hands, but not slippery. The Fill Valve is perfectly centered and mounted to its own perfectly symmetrical leather panel !! - for perfect balance - no fill valves conveniently stuck in a piece of side panel here - this bag will not wobble. Check out the Lazer Shape - it’s perfect and symmetrical - no short necks, then long necks, one looking like a water drip and the next looking like an upside-down carnival balloon. The Balazs Lazer Bag is perfection at it’s best - with no equal. There are No Laces to throw a bag out of balance - but if your bag blows a bladder, you gotta have laces to service it right? The Balazs Lazer Bags have no laces because we want perfect balance, and the Air Chamber never pops and never needs to be replaced. You’ll Add Air to it, but it will not pop. One other thing - No Welting to throw off the balance - no welting to rough up your hands. Others add welting because they have to stitch the long panels to the short panels somehow. The Balazs Lazer Bag is designed with all separate Panels of the exact same size for perfect balance, and we die-stamp them for consistency - panel to panel to panel to panel - they’ll all be the same.


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