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Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and
Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and
Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and
Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and
Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and
Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and
Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and
Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and

Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and Comfortable Base Layer Tights and Athletic Leggings for Sports, Running, Gym Workouts, Crossfit & Basketball (Black & Gold, XX-Large)

Product ID : 27811119

Galleon Product ID 27811119
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Manufacturer Mava Sports
Shipping Dimension 11.61 x 9.09 x 1.81 inches
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Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm and Features

  • TARGETED COMPRESSION LEGGINGS to protect against muscle trauma during training. Provide support to the upper and lower leg muscles and reduce muscle vibrations.

  • INCREASED RECOVERY by reducing fatigue, muscle soreness and long-term overuse injuries. For adequate power and flexibility of the abductor, glute, quad and hamstring muscles.

  • FASTER WARM-UP pre-exercise and a better power output to boost performance. By improving blood flow, the muscles in the body the receive more of the oxygenated blood needed to decrease recovery time.

  • QUICK DRY COMFORTABLE DESIGN: breathable and moisture wicking to keep sweat away and dry fast. Lightweight and elastic material, for increased comfort and a wide range of motion. Can be worn on their own or as a base layer.

  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Cross Training, Workouts, Weight Lifting, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, Running, Walking, Fitness, Exercise, Yoga and competing in all-weather sports and activities. Cool in summer with heat retention in winter.

About Mava Men’s Compression Pants - Warm And

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