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Exceptional Health: You Can Have It
Exceptional Health: You Can Have It
Exceptional Health: You Can Have It

Exceptional Health: You Can Have It

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Galleon Product ID 45966448
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About Exceptional Health: You Can Have It

You can have Exceptional Health and the Key is in Your Body’s Regenerative Cycles! Are you without hope? Have you been suffering from disease, degeneration, and a low quality of health for too long? Are you constantly going to doctors and being told there is no hope or solution? Are you tired of being sick and tired? Are you tired of taking drugs? Are you tired of being limited and feeling old and broken down? If you are ready for Exceptional Health it is time for you to learn about how you can regenerate your health through your own Spine, Brain and Functional Neurology. This is a Healthcare Book for Everyone! Your body can Regenerate with Affordable Health Options, Spinal Structure and Regenerative Change. “Exceptional Health is a product of a Nervous System that works correctly!” Doctor, clinician, mother, and author, Dr. Sarah Kotlerman wants to help you understand how you can get results with your health quickly by addressing your abnormal Spinal Structure. These results are obtained without Pharmaceutical Drugs, Stem Cell Therapy, Invasive Medical Injections, or Surgical Interventions. Most people do not understand how simple and easy it is to improve their health by changing their Spine Structure, even with cases of complicated neurological disorders. With Exceptional Health, you’ll discover: 13 cases of real people with incurable health challenges such as diabetes, depression, dementia, degeneration, neuropathy, and brain damage who find their health challenges reversing Naturally through Spinal Structural Change. Discover the Root Cause to your health problems by turning your Symptoms into Solutions. Understand how nearly all Disease, Dysfunction, and Degeneration starts with a Brain the doesn’t work correctly. Avoid wasting Time and Money in unnecessary and expensive medical procedures that do not address your Root Problem. Learn how your Brain, your Spine and your Tissues are connected in a cycle of communication which creates your Exceptional Health. Learn how you can Regenerate Tissue Naturally and Sustainably. Do you want Exceptional Health? Your Cells were designed to Regenerate. This book is your opportunity in Natural Healthcare Advocacy! Healthcare in America is one of the most expensive and ineffective systems and you have another option! This book gives you small bites through understanding your Regenerative Medicine Solutions. Rebuild your health through Functional Neurology. Know your options for Exceptional Health!