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Costume of Prelates of the Catholic Church
Costume of Prelates of the Catholic Church

Costume of Prelates of the Catholic Church

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Author John Abel Nainfa SS
Number Of Pages 318
Publication Date 2014-01-16

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About Costume Of Prelates Of The Catholic Church

The importance of dressing in the proper uniform for the clergy cannot be minimized. The dress of the clergy indicates their authority in the Mystical Body of Christ and should not be cast aside lightly. Such a manual seems almost a necessity when we remember that tailors, in making ecclesiastical costumes, very often follow their own tastes, fancies, or designs instead of the very clear and precise rules of ecclesiastical etiquette. With this manual in hand, they would have no longer an excuse for the mistakes they make. Even our good Sisters and pious ladies, who so kindly and generously shower Christmas presents on the Clergy, in the shape of birettas, " rabbis ", surplices, cottas, and other articles of clerical dress, need to be informed that the material, color, shape, trimmings, etc., of these objects are regulated not by the rich taste, generous liberality or devotion of the giver, but by ordinances of the Church. May I not hope, then, that this little book, in spite of its shortcomings and imperfections, will prove useful to those interested, and be a guide where needed in the making up of ecclesiastical costumes? With regard to the various costumes worn by Prelates, the will of the Church has been that modifications. however excellent and. in some way. justifiable. should not be left to private fancy; for she clearly foresaw that. after a short lapse of years. such toleration would practically do away with a unity at once beautiful and instructive. Therefore has she laid down for all these costumes precise regulations that should not be lightly put aside. Two Roman Congregations, the Congregation of Rites and the Congregation of the Ceremonial, are especially commissioned to watch over the exact observance of these rules and to secure their preservation. It is to the decrees of these two Congregations that I have chiefly had recourse in compiling this manual. The decrees of the Congregation of Rites are quoted from the Collections of Gardellini and Muhlbau