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Nix (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Book 8)

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Galleon Product ID 19835288
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Author Candace Blevins
Format Kindle EBook
Number Of Pages 99
Publication Date 2016-07-15
Release Date 2016-07-15
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About Nix

Predator and prey…Nix recently transferred to Chattanooga from the Asheville RTMC chapter. The MC's new gun store needs someone to teach rifle classes, and Nix was a Special Forces sniper in the military.Tippy came to Chattanooga to start her life anew. She's a shooter as well, and she won a silver medal at the Olympics, but she uses a different name now and tries to stay out of the limelight. Most deer can't function in human society, but she's found ways to navigate modern life without her deer freezing or running every time something startles her.Wolves are fiercely monogamous when they fall in love, while deer have trouble understanding the concept of exclusivity. Then there’s the fact wolves eat deer in the wild. A wolf and a deer madly in love and living happily ever after has to be impossible. Right?This story originally appeared in the Ridin’ Dirty OAMC anthology.