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How to Drive Safely: 49 Expert Tips, Tricks, and
How to Drive Safely: 49 Expert Tips, Tricks, and
How to Drive Safely: 49 Expert Tips, Tricks, and

How to Drive Safely: 49 Expert Tips, Tricks, and Advice for New, Teen Drivers

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Galleon Product ID 33106627
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Author Damian Brindle
Number Of Pages 83
Publication Date 2018-03-27

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About How To Drive Safely: 49 Expert Tips, Tricks, And

Product Description Passing Driver’s Ed is only the beginning. There are countless things that new drivers need to know to stay safe on the road, knowledge that for most of us only comes from years of experience. For parents, watching your teen drive off for the first time can be a scary sight. But now you can rest assured knowing that your teenage driver understands how to drive safely with this book in hand. Containing a wealth of tips and advice about driving safely, dangerous driving situations, and more, this book is a powerful tool for anyone starting out on the road for the first time. Inside, you’ll discover dozens of fundamental advice your teen can utilize to stay safe when driving – including several crucial actions to take before even hitting the road. With insights into dangerous driving situations, how the environment impacts driving, and what NEVER to do while on the road, now your teen will know how to drive safely and avoid costly, even life-threatening, accidents. And as a parent, you will rest assured knowing that your son or daughter has all the information they need to stay safe on the road.Buy now to ensure your teen stays safe on the road. Review "Driving is one of the deadliest things we all do everyday. We take it for granted. And it's one of the leading causes of death in the US. MOST accidents can be avoided and the tips in this book, will help to make you a better driver. My daughter is doing drivers Ed right now, I added this book to the course requirements and the teacher where she learned this stuff. Definitely worth the read for young drivers and as a refresher to those of us who've been around the block a time or two!" -Robert A. Sawtelle ★★★★★ "This is a book is certainly for teenage drivers but also for drivers that have been driving for many years or even decades. Sometimes us older drivers need a reboot on safe driving. You could call this a Safe driving survival manual and it accomplishes its job. If you have a new driver coming up in the family this is the book to get and go through it with them. You'll be glad you did." -Den and Holly ★★★★★ "A fact packed little book that should be a must for all new drivers. Parents, make your teens read this book even before they get their permit and is a perfect companion to drivers ed class. Keep your new driver safe and aware. A must read." -frogmoma ★★★★★ "It is written in succinct clear plain language and should be read by all drivers, especially young inexperienced drivers. Parents should give this book to every teen with a learner permit. It should be handed out in every drivers ed class for those of any age. Importantly Mr. Brindle covers distracted driving beyond just the warnings about cellphone use. I also liked the advice he gave about making all the adjustments to mirrors, A/C, radio, seats before a driver gets underway...As a former EMT and Outdoor Emergency Care instructor, I have made it a habit to have emergency first aid supplies in my vehicles and the gloves I keep are high temperature resistant types." -Bart Bechtel ★★★★★