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Captain America vs. Iron
Captain America vs. Iron
Captain America vs. Iron
Captain America vs. Iron

Captain America vs. Iron Man: Freedom, Security, Psychology (Popular Culture Psychology)

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Galleon Product ID 16710294
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Brand Imusti
Number Of Pages 192
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Publication Date 2016-05-17

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About Captain America Vs. Iron

Product Description Freedom vs. security, the basic human dilemma. Can heroes really protect both? Two iconic figures, two living symbols whose choices make them superheroes and leaders, come to completely opposite conclusions.  This provocative collection, edited by acclaimed media psychology writer Travis Langley and with a foreword by the legendary Stan Lee (!), examines the complex psychological and political choices made by Captain America and Iron Man throughout their careers, culminating in Marvel's superhero civil war which spreads far beyond the Avengers themselves. Why do Steve Rogers and Tony Stark see things so differently? What are their motivations? Is either one truly in the right?  Captain America vs. Iron Man: Freedom, Security, Psychology, our latest entry in this popular psychology series. analyzes the polar sides of this debate--individual freedom vs. national security. How does trauma shape these heroic characters? What does it take to become a hero? What roles do empathy, gender, genius, morality, leadership, and teamwork play in starting conflicts and in resolving them? Fans will find thought-provoking psychological material to contemplate for hours. Do we really have to take sides? Contributors include: Jenna Busch * Josué Cardona * Tommy Cash * J. Scott Jordan * Lara Taylor Kester * Alan Kistler * Alex Langley * Travis Langley * Stan "the Man" Lee * Martin Lloyd * Patrick O'Connor * Billy San Juan * Janina Scarlet * Eric D. Wesselmann * Mara Wood * E. Paul Zehr  Review "An intelligent and thoroughly entertaining compilation of essays that should be of equal interest to comic book fans and psychology buffs alike." - Pop Mythology "A thought-provoking collection..." - Comics Grinder " This book is wonderfully fascinating and helps shine a whole new light on comics, and the critical implications of these stories. You are even treated to a forward written by Stan Lee and his view on the deeper meanings of comic book characters. If you're looking to delve deeper into the mythos, crack this open immediately." - Geek Chic Elite " Of course more than a few of the essays examine the psychological make up needed to become a hero, whether that be from childhood traumas to the ability to listen to one's inner voice, to perhaps more importantly put the needs of others before the self as well as the legacies we build with symbolism and how it affects the real world.  ...varied and educated looks at not just Steve Rogers and Tony Stark but ourselves." - Retroist "Travis Langley has pulled together an entertaining collection of essays in  Captain America vs. Iron Man: Freedom, Security, Psychology to discuss these great responsibilities. It is the perfect companion for the philosophical fan who wants to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a hero or for the casual fan who just left the theater wanting to slip into their hero's shoes." - Amazing Stories From the Author "I think that anybody reading these stories about these characters should just sit back and expect to be amazed and astonished by Captain America vs. Iron Man, and hopefully to see things that they hadn't expected to see." - Stan Lee, from his foreword. "It's not all about one climactic confrontation between characters. We examine stories spun over the course of decades, the better part of a century, in looking at the superheroes and how their experiences reflect the psychology of real human beings." - Travis Langley, from his introduction. "The human struggle continues, and this is part of being alive. Superheroes never fully vanquish supervillains, police never remove all criminals from the streets, and doctors never cure all diseases, but the effort along the way accomplishes much good and lets people learn about themselves and others who share the same world." - Travis Langley, from his afterword. About the Author Travis Langley, PhD, is a psychology professor at Henderson State University, the a