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Testosterone: Boost Testosterone Naturally - For
Testosterone: Boost Testosterone Naturally - For

Testosterone: Boost Testosterone Naturally - For - Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Libido & Erectile Dysfunction (Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Replacement ... Pressure, Tongkat Ali, Increase Testo)

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Author Chase Williams
Format Kindle EBook
Number Of Pages 47
Publication Date 2016-07-20
Release Date 2016-07-20
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About Testosterone: Boost Testosterone Naturally - For

If you have heard of Low Testosterone and are wondering what this is all about, this book has all the answers you might need. If you have wondered if perhaps your lack of sex drive, fatigue or midsection fat might be caused by low testosterone, this book is for you as well.This book puts down in concise, easy to understand terms, what testosterone is and how the body produces it. It then goes on to explain what low testosterone is and what it might mean to your health, such as:✓ Low Sex Drive or Low Libido✓ Fatigue✓ Unexplainable Weight Gain (especially around the waist)✓ Problems concentrating or focusing✓ Depression✓ Irritability✓ Hair Loss✓ Changes in the size of the testiclesAfter explaining what testosterone is and how it can affect you or your loved one, this book goes onto to explain not only how you can be tested for testosterone (and what to expect), but describes the various testosterone treatment therapies (TRT’s) available and what each TRT might entail.What makes this an outstanding work on testosterone, however, is the chapter relating to how to naturally increase your testosterone through some simply lifestyle changes. The author has taken great pains to show what is needed to raise your testosterone level, while explaining (in depth) the best methods to achieve this. The part on stress and how to relieve stress is one of the best treatises on this subject you may ever read, as the author shows method after method on relieving stress in order to lower the cortisol hormone (which is responsible for blocking testosterone production).Furthermore, the chapter on how to change your diet in order to increase your testosterone is excellently written, showing why most “low-fat” diets are the worst thing you can do if your goal is to increase your testosterone, and further showing which fats are best for