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Roman Heavy Cavalry (1): Cataphractarii
Roman Heavy Cavalry (1): Cataphractarii

Roman Heavy Cavalry (1): Cataphractarii & Clibanarii, 1st Century BC–5th Century AD (Elite)

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About Roman Heavy Cavalry (1): Cataphractarii

Product Description From the army of Marc Antony in the 1st century BC, Roman generals hired Oriental heavy armored cavalry to serve in their military alongside the legions. These troops, both from the northern steppes and the Persian frontiers, continued an ancient tradition of using heavy armor and long lances, and fought in a compact formation for maximum shock effect. They were quite distinct from conventional Roman light cavalry, and they served across the Empire, including in Britain. They became ever more important during the 3rd century wars against Parthia, both to counter their cavalry and to form a mobile strategic reserve.Displaying these impressive and imposing cavalry units using vivid specially commissioned artwork, this first book in a two part series on Roman Heavy Cavalry examines their use over the Imperial period up to the fall of Western Empire in the 5th century A.D. Review "[A]n indispensable reference for any enthusiast interested in Imperial Rome." - Toy Soldier.com"I really couldn’t put this book down because it contains so much information about the Flying Tigers, and it’s well-written with clarity and perspective." - Toy Soldier & Model Figure About the Author Dr. Raffaele D'Amato is an experienced Turin-based researcher of the ancient and medieval military worlds. After achieving his first Ph.D. in Romano-Byzantine Law, and having collaborated with the University of Athens, he gained a second doctorate in Roman military archeology. He currently works in Istanbul at the Fatih University as visiting Professor for the TUBITAK (Turkish Government Research Institution) on a project linked to the arms and armor of Rome and Byzantium.Andrey Negin was born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State University, which was named after N.I. Lobachevsky (Russian Federation). There he was candidate of historical sciences (Ph.D.), and a member of the department of history of the Ancient World and Classical Languages. His current area of study is ancient Roman armor, specifically researching Roman parade and ceremonial armor. All of these themes are reflected in his publications on the pages of Russian and foreign archeological publications, including the monographs: "The Roman legions in battle" (co-author A.V. Mahlayuk) and "Roman ceremonial and tournament armament."