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Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between the
Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between the
Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between the
Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between the

Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between the World's Greatest Chocolate Makers

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Galleon Product ID 1897140
UPC / ISBN 9781610390514
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Binding: Paperback
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Manufacturer PublicAffairs
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Author Deborah Cadbury
Brand PublicAffairs
Edition Reprint
Number Of Pages 384
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Publication Date 2011-10-25
Release Date 2011-10-25

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Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between the Features

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About Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between The

Product Description In the early nineteenth century the major English chocolate firms -- Fry, Rowntree, and Cadbury -- were all Quaker family enterprises that aimed to do well by doing good. The English chocolatiers introduced the world's first chocolate bar and ever fancier chocolate temptations -- while also writing groundbreaking papers on poverty, publishing authoritative studies of the Bible, and campaigning against human rights abuses. Chocolate was always a global business, and in the global competitors, especially the Swiss and the Americans Hershey and Mars, the Quaker capitalists met their match. The ensuing chocolate wars would culminate in a multi-billion-dollar showdown pitting Quaker tradition against the cutthroat tactics of a corporate behemoth. Featuring a cast of savvy entrepreneurs, brilliant eccentrics, and resourceful visionaries, Chocolate Wars is a delicious history of the fierce, 150-year business rivalry for one of the world's most coveted markets. Review Business Times “Fascinating... Chocolate Wars presents narrative history at its most absorbing, peopled by colourful characters: the true story of the chocolate pioneers, the visions and ideals that inspired them and the mouth-watering concoctions they created... Deborah gives readers an insider look, fleshing out the stories around her family with her familiar competence as a bestselling historian and award winning documentary maker.” Kirkus  “A fine pocket history of corporate confectionery... Cadbury has a knack for capturing the driven personalities who launched these [chocolate] empires.”  ― - Library Journal “Although written by proud Cadbury kin, the narrative is balanced and fair. This is a well written and well researched look at chocolate and the Quaker business tradition that any food or history buff will enjoy.” Sunday Times “Chocolate Wars – clear, readable and richly detailed – is at least as much about Quakers as it is about chocolate... enjoyable.” Financial Times, November 15, 2010 “Deborah Cadbury’s branch of the Cadbury family wasn’t involved in the chocolate business but she garnered a deep impression from a childhood visit to her cousins’ company and the reader of Chocolate Wars feels they are getting an insider’s view. Her own background as a historian and TV documentary maker means that this book communicates in an episodic and visual style, making what risks being a dull subject gripping as it flips back and forth around the world documenting parallel events in the emergence of the chocolate industry.” Examiner.com, November 14, 2010 “The 150-year rivalry among the world’s greatest chocolate making families, is told by a descendant of one of the families. Just think what sweetness came out of these families' rivalries, depicted deliciously in this new book.”   ― - Boston Globe, November 14, 2010 “Deborah Cadbury begins with a brief description of Quaker aims and humane business practices before moving on through the history of the family business. This takes in the truly exciting race to put Cadbury’s chocolate candy in every mouth, to the exclusion of that made by rival English Quaker firms, Rowntree and Fry, to say nothing of the Swiss Lindt and Nestlé. Her many faceted account takes in technology, distribution, and industrial espionage, advertising and packaging, labor relations and model housing for workers, the role of the firm and its owners in wartime and international expansion.”   Gulfnews.com, November 26, 2010 “Engaging and scholarly, Chocolate Wars is less a family biography than an impressively thought-provoking parable for our times.”   Los Angeles Times, November 28, 2010 “Fascinating…Read this excellent book.”   ― - Philadelphia Inquirer, November 28, 2010 “The inside story of the 150-year rivalry among Cadbury, Hershey, Nestlé, and Mars is a fascinating and luscious tale. Deborah Cadbury, great-great-great-granddaughter of 19th-century chocolate maker John Cadbury, tells