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The Gifted Highly Sensitive Introvert: Wisdom for
The Gifted Highly Sensitive Introvert: Wisdom for

The Gifted Highly Sensitive Introvert: Wisdom for Emotional Healing and Expressing Your Radiant Authentic Self

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About The Gifted Highly Sensitive Introvert: Wisdom For

Are you a smart high achiever who struggles with anxiety or depression? Do people say you’re too sensitive? Do noisy crowds, conflicts and brash people irritate you? Discover profound insights that will help you heal and flourish.Do you struggle with self-acceptance when you’re less than perfect? Does your heart ache when loved ones won’t emotionally connect with you? Do you need to recuperate in the privacy of your inner sanctuary? Is spirituality important to you?If you have a highly sensitive personality and you’re an introvert, this probably sounds familiar. Highly sensitive people often feel misunderstood. That hurts.Benita A. Esposito is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a highly sensitive introvert. Her quest for healthy emotionally intimate relationships resulted in years of disappointment. Attachment theory suggested that she needed to heal childhood wounds that occurred from lack of healthy parenting. Anguish motivated her to find the most effective therapy for emotional healing.Esposito chose to cultivate self-love through counseling and spiritual intimacy. Like St. John of the Cross, she willingly endured the Dark Night of the Soul. Some would have diagnosed her with major depression, but it wasn't that. God was stripping away narrow-minded notions of love. As she spiritually matured, an intimate relationship with the Beloved blossomed. Emptiness vanished. She finally felt whole.After reading The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron, Esposito realized she was a gifted intuitive empath. She learned how to manage the challenges of being a highly sensitive person. Esposito discovered that being an empath with a desire to help others is a beautiful trait. But without higher wisdom, it can draw you into hurtful relationships like a moth to a candle flame.Now after four decades of hard-won wisdom, Esposito’s memoir and teach