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COMPASS Exam - Bob Miller's Math Prep
COMPASS Exam - Bob Miller's Math Prep
COMPASS Exam - Bob Miller's Math Prep

COMPASS Exam - Bob Miller's Math Prep

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Galleon Product ID 19293301
UPC / ISBN 073861002X
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Binding: Paperback
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Shipping Dimension 10.79 x 8.39 x 0.98 inches
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Author Bob Miller
Edition Green Ed.
Number Of Pages 324
Package Quantity 1
Publication Date 2011-11-29
Release Date 2011-11-01

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About COMPASS Exam - Bob Miller's Math Prep

Product description If You’re Taking the COMPASS Exam and Need Help with Math, Bob Miller has Your Solution! Bob Miller’s Math Review for the COMPASS Exam Bob Miller has taught math to thousands of students at all educational levels for 30 years. His proven teaching methods help college-bound students succeed on the math portion of the COMPASS exam. Written in a lively and unique format, Bob Miller’s Math Review for the COMPASS Exam contains everything COMPASS test-takers need to know. Focused, easy-to-follow review chapters cover all the pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry skills tested on the exam. Drills and examples build skills and explain key concepts. The book includes two practice tests based on actual COMPASS test questions. Detailed explanations of answers help you identify your strengths and weaknesses while reinforcing your knowledge. Bob also gives you study tips, strategies, and confidence-boosting advice for test day, so you’ll be ready to tackle the COMPASS. Bob Miller’s Math Review for the COMPASS is just part of the equation! REA has also developed a test prep for the verbal portion of the exam, Doug French’s Verbal Review for the COMPASS Exam. What is the COMPASS? The COMPASS is a computer-adaptive college placement exam used by high schools, technical schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges across the country. It evaluates the math, English language, and writing skill levels of incoming students. A high score on the COMPASS helps students advance to higher-level college classes. From the Back Cover Don’t let poor math skills drag your COMPASS score down! Use BOB MILLER’S MATH FOR THE COMPASS EXAM to help place you in the math classes where you belong! Bob Miller’s Math for the COMPASS – All the Math You Need for a Higher Score! The Most Complete COMPASS Math ReviewEverything you need to know for the math portion of the COMPASS exam. Our easy-to-understand review chapters cover arithmetic, algebra, equations, and more. Step-by-step examples and topic-level quizzes reinforce knowledge as you study for the COMPASS. The Best COMPASS Practice Exams AvailableIncludes 2 full-length practice tests based on actual COMPASS exam questions to help you pinpoint your math strengths and weaknesses. Each practice exam includes every topic you can expect to see on the math portion of the COMPASS. Total Explanations of Questions and AnswersEach COMPASS practice test comes with detailed feedback on every question. We don't just say which answers are right, but explain why the others answer choices are wrong - so you'll be prepared on test day. Master COMPASS Math with Bob Miller's MethodBob Miller has been teaching math for 30 years. His no-stress, no-nonsense style explains COMPASS math concepts in a step-by-step format that makes math easier. Bob takes the confusion out of math and teaches it from the ground up so anyone can learn COMPASS math quickly and painlessly. Studying COMPASS math from this book is like having your own personal tutor. About the AuthorAuthor, teacher, and renowned mathematician Bob Miller has taught at virtually every educational level. Bob says: "In this book, I break down COMPASS math and put it back together in step-by-step fashion. I teach COMPASS math from the inside out so it sticks to your ribs. Welcome to my world of math. If you need help with math, I’ve got your number." About the Author For more than three decades, Bob Miller has brought his unique brand of teaching math to Rutgers, NYU Polytechnic, City University of New York, and Westfield State College. He is the author of the widely acclaimed “Clueless” series and has developed several math test preps for REA. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. To The Student: A Must ReadCongratulations!!!! You are about to begin college, a new and exciting time in yourlife. You are preparing to take the COMPASS®, an untimed test that is designed toproperly place you in college. In math you will be asked questions in five areas:numerical skills and pre-algebra, college algebra (pre-calculus), geometry, andtrigonometry.The COMPASS® has seven suggestions on its website. Here is my own list.1. Relax! It is important to come to the exam well-rested. I suggest you do notstudy the day before the test. Last-minute cramming rarely helps and usually hurts.2. Get a good night’s sleep before the test. Eat a good breakfast. Get to the testearly so you are in a good frame of mind. If you are a slow starter, practice a feweasy math problems before the test—any problems. Dress comfortably. Makesure you bring everything you need including an acceptable fully-chargedcalculator. Bring a light snack to keep up your energy.3. Be sure you understand the directions. Ask if you do not.4. Since this test is untimed, read a question over until you understand it.5. You should answer every item since you are not penalized for wrong guessing.Since the test is computer adaptive, you must answer every question.6. Don’t be afraid to change an answer. However, I believe you should change ananswer only if you are 100% (not 99%) sure the new answer is correct. I will useme as an example. The last math test I ever took I changed two answers. The firstone I must have misread. I was 100% sure the new answer was correct and itwas. The other I wasn’t sure, and changed a correct answer to a wrong one!!!!7. If you have a problem or question during the test, ask the administrator orproctor to help, remembering they cannot answer the question for you.All of the questions on the test are multiple-choice. In the book some of thequestions are not. Why? Sometimes you can figure out an answer from the choices.You want to practice so that you really know the material.You may find this book is more than a test prep. This book actually reviews most ofthe topics needed for pre-calculus and calculus. If you have any weaknesses, thisbook will really help to correct them. You may find some topics written in ways toclear up problems you had or didn’t know you had in high school math.Good luck in college and in your future!Bob Miller