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Your Child's Inner Drive: Parenting by Personality
Your Child's Inner Drive: Parenting by Personality
Your Child's Inner Drive: Parenting by Personality

Your Child's Inner Drive: Parenting by Personality from Toddlers to Teens

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Galleon Product ID 41425477
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About Your Child's Inner Drive: Parenting By Personality

This is MORE than a parenting book! Please don’t buy this book if you enjoy being stressed and uncertain how to handle your child’s tantrums, sensitivity, anxiety, rigidity or apathy. And don't buy this book if you are looking for a one size fits all parenting/teaching approach for these difficult behaviors. However, if you are looking for a deeper connection with all your loved ones, this book will give you: a crystal-clear FOCUS for forming appropriate expectations a solid FRAMEWORK for building up their best qualities and a FORECAST for outlining their future development As a parent, she has struggled. She has been a helicopter parent, an explosive parent and an embarrassing parent. (Google “dancing mom in traffic” and see for yourself.) Because she has struggled as a parent, she wants to help other parents struggle…a little bit less! Temperament psychology and qEEG brain maps, concluded that she and her daughter were complete opposites. Even with over twenty years of experience training both children and adults she was still desperately seeking a user manual that would explain how to get through to her daughter. It didn’t exist. Over the last nine years, Gossett has combined extensive research with hundreds of family case studies to create the user manual she had been seeking. This book will help you accurately assess the temperament of each family member, “map” their brain functions and discover how to motivate them and connect with them throughout every stage of their development. It will also help you relax when you read about some of Gossett’s own parenting pitfalls as well as the struggles and victories of other families similar to yours. In this "user manual" you will find: assessment tools to help you discover your own true personality type as well as the true type of all the important people in your life explanation of the four people patterns with relatable illustrations and interactive online activities to get your kids involved detailed descriptions of the eight cognitive brain functions and how to strengthen them charts and graphs that will help you map all your family brain functions which will demystify sibling rivalry and family conflict personality type descriptions for each stage of their development from infancy through high school, college and adulthood characteristics such as brain functions, motivations, strengths and imbalances for each type and for each stage of their development so you can forecast what lies ahead and help them make better choices tips for positive parenting that will help your children find more alignment in these areas hundreds of case studies that address sensory processing, sibling rivalry, inflexibility, ADHD, defiance, aggression, hypochondria, low empathy, perfectionism and many more step by step instructions for implementing all the concepts with family activities BONUS: Effective teaching practices to help teachers understand and work with each child’s unique personality type BONUS: Easy to use reference style so you can jump around to the sections that apply to your family or read the whole bookFocusing on WHO your child is versus WHAT your child does is the first step for creating a sense of worthiness within your child. Not only is it necessary to guide your children, but it is also necessary to allow them to guide you. Parenting is a TWO-WAY STREET!“Understanding now how my daughter ticks has transformed our relationship and for the first time, we are connecting! I am her teacher, but because of this book, I realize that she will be my teacher too. When my daughter is grown and we are (hopefully) friends, it will be in large part because of the information Wendy offers.” Kira Dorrian, Parent Coach and Host of Future Focused Parenting