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Natural “Viagra”: Cure Erectile Dysfunction
Natural “Viagra”: Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Natural “Viagra”: Cure Erectile Dysfunction Without Prescription Drugs

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Author Foxy Gent
Format Kindle EBook
Number Of Pages 95
Publication Date 2016-09-20
Release Date 2016-09-20
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About Natural “Viagra”: Cure Erectile Dysfunction

What do you do when getting hard is too damn hard?What natural, safe and effective alternatives are there to prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis?There is perhaps nothing as humiliating or soul-crushing for a man than experiencing erectile dysfunction. In a society that puts so much emphasis on virility and manliness, the failure to 'get it up' can destroy a man's self-esteem and ruin his relationships.The good news is: It doesn't have to be this way.In Natural "Viagra": Cure Erectile Dysfunction Without Prescription Drugs, acclaimed author and lifestyle coach Foxy Gent investigates what men can do to combat erectile dysfunction without having to go to the doctor for a prescription of little blue pills.Foxy Gent analyses the common causes of erectile dysfunction in men, and offers customized treatments for each issue - from the psychological reasons why you can't "get it up" to erectile dysfunction caused by poor health or disease. In this book, you'll learn:The three main reasons men experience erectile dysfunctionLifestyle changes that can dramatically improve your sexual healthSupplements to treat erectile dysfunction, and boost your sexual performanceMental tips and tricks to sharpen your sexual edge˃˃˃ Offering practical solutions to a serious problemFoxy Gent doesn't beat around the bush. From porn and masturbation to exercise and diet, he lays bare the lifestyle habits that could be devastating to your sexual health. ˃˃˃ Intricately researched and detailedClinical studies and medical fact support Foxy Gent's solutions to erectile dysfunction - ensuring that there's real science to back up his advice.˃˃˃ Easy to read, fun and insightfulWith a conversational style and honest approach to an embarrassing problem, Foxy Gent provides information and answers in a format unlike any you've seen