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The testosterone book. How to increase your
The testosterone book. How to increase your

The testosterone book. How to increase your testosterone 100% naturally: The truth about what works to increase your testosterone. Scientifically proven, with the most in-depth research.

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Galleon Product ID 7692074
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Author Derek Moody
Format Kindle EBook
Number Of Pages 118
Publication Date 2011-05-31
Release Date 2011-05-31
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About The Testosterone Book. How To Increase Your

In theses pages you will know how to increase your testosterone, naturally and according to science. Supported by more than 130 scientific studies, you will learn what really works. From diet to exercise, lifestyle, the real truth about supplements or even the amazing link between mind, behavior and testosterone. An information that you won’t find anywhere else.Everything in this book is proven by science and there is no room for new age nonsense or unproven theories, so it works, I can personally tell you.I never thought it could happen to me, but I suffered from low testosterone in my mid-thirties. It all started in the front seat of a car with a terrible hangover, since months ago I was suffering from lack of motivation, low sexual drive and performance, poor focus and crappy mood… All the time. I did not know testosterone had to do with that, in fact, as many men, I did know little about the hormone, but I embarked in a personal quest to regain my previous healthy levels. I researched every scientific study, every book, every paper… I experimented and I tested the results in myself… achieving success.I can tell you, my energy levels went through the roof, my motivation returned, tackling project after project (including this book) and my sex drive and performance were back.I thought “every man should know about this”, because our testosterone levels are lower than ever (decreasing year after year). We are lesser men than our fathers and much lesser men than our grandfathers.Diet, exercise, lifestyle and even our thoughts and behavior, influence our testosterone levels, and unknowingly, much of the widespread “healthy” dietary advice crash our testosterone levels and it’s deeply misguided. Same thing happens with exercise advice. The most common practices, like running forever in that trea