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UFOs Over Topanga Canyon
UFOs Over Topanga Canyon

UFOs Over Topanga Canyon

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About UFOs Over Topanga Canyon

Take a quiet community, isolated by mountains from the neighboring Los Angeles megalopolis, add some of the most amazing documented reports of visits of beings and craft not of this Earth, and you get UFO's Over Topanga Canyon by Preston Dennett. Topanga Canyon is a quiet community of 8,000, just west of Los Angeles, in the Santa Monica Mountains. The one main street goes through the mountains, and has only one stoplight. Since 1947, Topanga Canyon has been a virtual hotbed of UFO sightings. June 14, 1992, marked the beginning of a UFO wave of gigantic proportions. Now, for the first time in print, eyewitness accounts of the activity are revealed, including: ·Unexplained lights ·Strange, metallic ships ·Face-to-face alien encounters ·Strange animal sightings ·Abductions of humans by aliens ·Missing time phenomena The author is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). He has published numerous books and more than 50 articles on UFOs, and worked with the television programs "Sightings," "National Geographic Explorer," and "Encounters." In UFO's Over Topanga Canyon, you'll read the startling, eye-witness accounts of encounters with the unknown, ranging from odd lights to terrifying abduction experiences.