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Star Wars Tenugui Cloth 'Darth Vader and
Star Wars Tenugui Cloth 'Darth Vader and

Star Wars Tenugui Cloth 'Darth Vader and Waterfall' Motif Japanese Fabric

Product ID : 9116314
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Galleon Product ID 9116314
Shipping Weight 0.09 lbs
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Model SW-TOWEL-20
Manufacturer Heart Art Collection
Shipping Dimension 7.32 x 4.8 x 0.55 inches
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Brand Heart Art Collection
Package Quantity 1

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Star Wars Tenugui Cloth 'Darth Vader and Features

  • body size: about W34 x H90cm

  • (C) 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved.

  • Body size: 34 x 90 cm

  • Subject gender: Men and women shared

  • Target age: From the age of 12

About Star Wars Tenugui Cloth 'Darth Vader And

This Star Wars tenugui features Darth Vader striking a menacing pose at the base of a waterfall that looks almost as imposing. It includes a classical expression that refers to the act of cutting something in two with a single stroke. It conveys the meaning of overcoming a seemingly insurmountable obstacle with cunning and unorthodox thinking. The kanji characters are pronounced ittou ryoudan. It's about 34 centimeters wide and 90 centimeters long(13.39" x 35.43"). Tenugui are traditional Japanese cotton cloths. They were originally used as hand towels and head bands, but are used today mainly as room accents. Tenugui like this one are best as decorations. Tenugui are not really towels in the modern western sense. The fabric isn't looped, it is flat. This makes tenugui quite different from terry cloth. So please note the unique qualities of a tenugui before purchase. Tenugui cotton is a plain, flat weave with a plain texture, somewhat similar to the sort of fabric used for bandanas. Tenugui are also distinct in that unlike western style bandanas and other fabrics, the ends are left unfinished, with threads left loose. Because the ends are not sewn, the horizontal threads(the woof) may fray a bit as it's used. If you wash your tenugui hand washing is recommended. The raw ends of tenugui will gradually tighten after being washed a few times. The loose ends of a tenugui and the thin, flat cotton are a part of its rich cultural heritage, but they might not suit your needs if you have a western style fabric in mind. So please consider these things before purchase.