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Italeri 36504 World of Tanks WoT M24 Chaffee Tank
Italeri 36504 World of Tanks WoT M24 Chaffee Tank

Italeri 36504 World of Tanks WoT M24 Chaffee Tank Plastic Model Kit with WoT Bonus Code, 1:35 Scale

Product ID : 31217440

Galleon Product ID 31217440
Shipping Weight 0.88 lbs
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Manufacturer Italeri
Shipping Dimension 14.57 x 9.53 x 2.32 inches
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Brand Italeri
Color Unpainted
Package Quantity 1
Release Date 2018-02-15
Product is Out of Stock as of Feb, 28 2020
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Italeri 36504 World of Tanks WoT M24 Chaffee Tank Features

  • Highly detailed plastic model kit of US M24 Chaffee Tank with World of Tanks codes

  • Historically accurate model of the light tank that packed the biggest punch

  • Tank guide included so you can know your enemy and knock-'em dead

  • Glue included for model assembly, paint required

  • Includes bonus code for T1E6 and a garage slot plus three invite codes for seven days of Premium Account, a T2 Premium Light tank, a garage slot, and 1,000 gold for in-game purchases

About Italeri 36504 World Of Tanks WoT M24 Chaffee Tank

Light but legendary Light tanks are best for recon, not direct combat. However, no tank went long without a fight inWWII! Crews of the M24 Chaffee loved it. It was faster than the previous standard light tankthanks to twin Cadillac engines, had better cross-country ability with a torsion bar suspension,and, most importantly, it mounted a 75 mm gun which gave the Chaffee as much punch as aSherman. Chaffees had the extremely hard luck of showing up late to the party for WWII andearly for the Korean War where they commonly faced off against medium tanks. Everywherethey went, they gave a good account of themselves in adverse circumstances. Of dozens ofcountries that once fielded the Chaffee, only Uruguay currently maintains a force of these tanks.   Detailed Plastic Model KitA high degree of care has been taken to ensure that this model is both historically accurateand that all parts fit together with a high standard of fit and finish. In-Game CodesThree redeemable in-game invite codes and a bonus code are included with the kit to addtech to your tank in the Massively Multiplayer World of Tanks online game. Bonus Gear includedA cool poster with tons of tanks, a tank guide, and liquid cement to help things hang togetherare included in the kit.   Includes: Plastic Model Kit, 1/35 Scale US M24 Chaffee Tank Tank Guide Liquid Cement Waterslide Decals   Requires: Assembly (previous modeling experience recommended) Plastic Model Sprue Cutters (HCAR0630) Hobby Knife (