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Israel's Edge: The Story of The IDF's Most Elite
Israel's Edge: The Story of The IDF's Most Elite
Israel's Edge: The Story of The IDF's Most Elite

Israel's Edge: The Story of The IDF's Most Elite Unit - Talpiot

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Galleon Product ID 14364506
UPC / ISBN 9652297135
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Binding: Paperback
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Author Jason Gewirtz
Number Of Pages 256
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Publication Date 2016-02-15
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About Israel's Edge: The Story Of The IDF's Most Elite

Product Description How will Israel keep its strategic edge over an increasingly dangerous Iran? Israel has been preparing for this day by creating a special and secretive IDF unit called Talpiot. Instead of being trained to fight, the few soldiers each year selected for Talpiot are taught how to think. In order to join this unit they have to commit to being in the army for ten years, rather than the three years a normal soldier serves. Talpiots are taught advanced level physics, math and computer science as they train with soldiers from every other branch of the IDF. The result: young men and women become research and development machines. Talpiots have developed battle ready weapons that only Israel's top military officers and political leaders know about. They have also dramatically improved much of the weapons already in Israel's arsenal. After leaving the army, Talpiots have become a major force in the Israeli economy, developing some of Israel's most famous and powerful companies. Israel's Edge contains dozens of interviews with Talpiot graduates and some of the early founders of the program. It explains Talpiot's highly successful recruiting methods and discloses many of the secrets of the program's success. The book also profiles some of the most successful businesses founded by Talpiot graduates including CheckPoint, Compugen, Anobit, recently bought by Apple, and XIV, recently bought by IBM. No other military unit has had more of an impact on the State of Israel and no other unit will have more of an impact in the years ahead. The soldiers of Talpiot are truly unsung heroes. Review ...you, the alumni of Talpiot, have stood at the forefront of the Israeli security-technology industry making... you are the flagship of the research and development systems of our security. --Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel's Edge,...sheds light on the strategically vital and secretive Talpiot IDF program, which trains select groups of soldiers in how to conduct cutting edge defense research and development. Asked why he (Jason Gewirtz) chose to write about this particular topic, the CNBC executive said, There is no other program like Talpiot in the world and it has had an enormous impact on Israel. It is also benefiting the world in a very positive way. ...Each Talpiot graduate can make a one percent difference in a conflict or battle. They do it through technology, of course, but it is that technological advantage that gives Israel the edge it needs. Israel must defend itself through a qualitative advantage and that is what Talpiot gives Israel the tools for this qualitative advantage that is so necessary for Israel, and the Jewish people's survival. --Yaakov Lappin, Jerusalem PostThroughout the years, Talpiot has included and established a wide variety of unique and amazing tools that have been able to multiply the efficiency and strength of the intelligence services and military might of the IDF immeasurably. --Former Prime Minister and former Defense Minister, Ehud Barak Israel's Edge is a well written look at how a new and vital department of the Israeli military came into being and its huge impact on the military as well as society. I learned a lot about a country that I have always been interested in and the detailed descriptions of wars, historic meetings, and momentous decisions rang true. It is obvious from the first page that Jason Gewirtz researched this topic thoroughly. I read quite a lot of military books, both fiction and non-fiction, but I had never heard of Talpiot, which is now Israel's most elite unit. --Ray Simmons, Readers Favorite 5-Star Review There is a new book out that is a must read for Israel fans and military buffs alike. Talpiot has been tasked with keeping Israel a generation ahead of a rapidly strengthening and technologically capable Iran, making this book extremely timely. There's something in here for history buffs, military watchers, people interested in technology and