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BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size
BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size
BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size
BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size
BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size
BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size
BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size

BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size - 100 Pre-Cut Sheets - 16 x 27.5 - (229 Ft. 40 Pound Paper)

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Galleon Product ID 39322969
UPC / ISBN 780742449410
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BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size Features

  • If you purchase one cage accessory, make it our cage liners. They will simplify your cage cleaning and promote a clean and healthy environment for your birds; keeping your birdcage clean is the most effective way to prevent illness. We offer pre-cut sizes or custom sizes (no extra charge for custom sizes)

  • We carry forty and sixty-pound Kraft Paper liners and Poly Coated white paper liners. We use raw Kraft paper made in U.S. Paper Mills. (Please note, this is not gravel paper) Our Liners are delivered rolled and will lay flat without creases.

  • Our paper is made from the same material paper bags are made of and are light brown in color; the color makes inspecting bird droppings much easier. Our liners do not contain ink, gravel, grit, dyes nor wax. Birds have an extremely delicate respiratory system and must not be exposed to contaminants. . There are many articles written about the preferred birdcage liner, they all state plain paper

  • PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE: Our recommendations are based on our experience and years of customer feedback. 40 Pound paper is for small birds (finches, canaries, parakeets etc.) 60 Pound paper is for medium size birds like Quaker Parrots, Cockatiels, etc. Poly Coated paper is recommended for all size birds from Macaws to finches because they are guaranteed not to leak through.

  • HOW TO MEASURE: please measure the inside of the cage pan, not the outside of the cage for proper fitment. You can easily access our entire liner line by typing birdcageliners (all together no spaces) in the Amazon Search Bar. Our Brand is BirdCageLiners, any other brands you see are not produced or distributed by us.

About BirdCageLiners - Large Cages -Pick-Your-Size

This is 40- pound paper - recommended for small birds like Canaries, Finches and Parakeets.