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The Episcopal Handbook, Revised Edition
The Episcopal Handbook, Revised Edition
The Episcopal Handbook, Revised Edition
The Episcopal Handbook, Revised Edition

The Episcopal Handbook, Revised Edition

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Galleon Product ID 16028957
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Edition Revised Ed.
Number Of Pages 272
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Publication Date 2015-03-01

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About The Episcopal Handbook, Revised Edition

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. The Episcopal HandbookBy Barbara S. Wilson, Arlene Flancher, Susan ErdeyChurch Publishing IncorporatedCopyright © 2015 Church Publishing IncorporatedAll rights reserved.ISBN: 978-0-8192-2956-4ContentsBrief Explanation of the Episcopal Church Shield, Introduction, Church Stuff, How to Survive a Baptism, How to Receive Communion, Why You Won't Get Sick Sharing a Communion Cup, How to Sing a Hymn (and Why You Might Want To), How to Respond When Someone Sits in Your Pew ..., What Are All Those Books in the Pew?, Why Is Everybody Kneeling?, Why Some Episcopalians Bow and Cross Themselves (and Why Some Don't), How to Share the Peace, What Is the Book of Common Prayer?, Why Do Episcopalians Read Their Prayers?, How to Listen to a Sermon, How to Pass the Plate, How Much Money Should I Put into the Offering Plate?, Why Is the Altar Bigger than the Pulpit (or Vice Versa)?, Why Is That Empty Chair Near the Altar?, Telling the Season of the Year by the Color of the Altar Hangings, The Seasons of the Church Year, Why All the Stained Glass?, Do Episcopalians Believe in Saints?, Why Episcopalians Dress Up (Especially the Clergy), Do Episcopalians Leave Church Early?, Is Coffee Hour Really Another Sacrament?, How to Join an Episcopal Church, How to Get Married in an Episcopal Church, How to Get Re-Married in an Episcopal Church, How to Enroll Your Child in Sunday School, How to Become a Christian, What to Say at a Viewing or after a Funeral, Why More People Don't Go to Church, Why (Most) Episcopalians Don't Kick Dogs, Why 70% of Episcopalians Weren't Born That Way, Why the Episcopal Church Is (and Isn't) Catholic Lite, Do Episcopalians Believe in Confirmation?, Do Episcopalians Believe in the Creeds?, Do Episcopalians Go to Confession?, How Episcopalians Use Three-Legged Stools, Why Are Episcopalians So Wishy-Washy?, A Short Chronology of the Episcopal Church, Five Episcopalians Who Shaped the Church, Five Inspiring Black Episcopalians, Five Inspiring Women Episcopalians, Five Famous Episcopalian Writers, Five Famous Performing Episcopalians (OK, Ten), Ten Famous Hymns Written by Episcopalians, Five Famous Scientific Episcopalians, Episcopal Church Snapshot, What Do You Call the Clergy, Provinces of the Episcopal Church, Everyday Stuff, How to Care for the Sick, How to Console a Grieving Friend, How to Cope with Loss and Grief, How to Forgive Someone, How to Pray, How to Resolve Interpersonal Conflict, How to Work for World Peace, What Are the Millennium Development Goals?, Where to Find a Trustworthy Relief Agency, How to Go to Heaven If You're Rich, How Episcopalians Engage Congress, How Episcopalians Evangelize, How Episcopalians Make Disciples, Why (Some of) Our Church Doors Are Red, How to Tell a Sinner from a Saint, Ten Important Episcopal Missionaries and What They Did, Monks and Nuns and Friars, Oh My!, How to Become a Missionary (Short Term), How to Become a Missionary (Long Term), What Is the Anglican Communion and How Do I Join?, What Is Indaba?, Ten Beautiful Episcopal Churches, Why the Episcopal Church Welcomes Everyone, Bible Stuff, How Episcopalians Read the Bible (and Why More Should), Who Wrote the Bible?, Common Translations of the Bible, Types of Bibles and Their Features, How to Choose a Bible That's Right for You, How to Read the Bible, How to Read the Entire Bible in One Year, Why Episcopalians Have Their Own Version of the Psalms, The Top Ten Bible Heroes, The Top Ten Bible Villains, Four Rebellious Things Jesus Did, Five Unpopular Prophets, Five Inspiring Women in the Bible, The Top Ten Bible Miracles and What They Mean, Jesus' Twelve Apostles (Plus Matthias and Paul), The Five Biggest Misconceptions about the Bible, Do Episcopalians Believe in Evolution?, Does the Bible Condemn Gay People?, Maps, Charts, and Diagrams, The Exodus, The Ark of the Covenant, Jerusalem in Jesus' Time, The Passion and Crucifixion, Family Tree of Christianity, Anglican Stuff and G