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Bobj Rugged Case for iPad Mini 4 (2015) - BobjGear
Bobj Rugged Case for iPad Mini 4 (2015) - BobjGear
Bobj Rugged Case for iPad Mini 4 (2015) - BobjGear
Bobj Rugged Case for iPad Mini 4 (2015) - BobjGear

Bobj Rugged Case for iPad Mini 4 (2015) - BobjGear Custom Fit - Patented Venting - Sound Amplification - BobjBounces Kid Friendly (Bold Black)

Product ID : 9926242

Galleon Product ID 9926242
UPC / ISBN 810448023826
Shipping Weight 0.4 lbs
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Model BJGRIPM41579
Manufacturer BobjGear
Shipping Dimension 9.21 x 5.91 x 0.79 inches
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Bobj Rugged Case for iPad Mini 4 (2015) - BobjGear Features

  • Rugged high quality design throughout provides outstanding drop protection for daily use of your iPad Mini. Comes in a great choice of colors, too.

  • Advanced BobjBounces! design provides shock absorption for all edges and especially corners, while maintaining a smooth, clean look. Rounded front bezel helps to protect the screen if it is dropped screen down.

  • Specifically designed to your Mini's ports and switches. Makes your tablet easier to hold and provides a comfortable grip. Kid friendly, easy to clean, Food Grade Silicone.

  • Additional features of Bobj Models include custom designed acoustics that direct the sound toward the user; passive airflow cooling design; extra protection for camera, mic, and front speaker; easy use of your fingerprint reader (if your tablet has one); and easy off-screen to on-screen swipes.

  • This Bobj only fits the iPad Mini 4, and does not fit any other model.

About Bobj Rugged Case For IPad Mini 4 (2015) - BobjGear

Great looking and rugged protection, custom designed by Bobj for your iPad Mini 4. (This Bobj Model does not fit any other iPad Mini model.) The high quality materials and design provide the best drop protection and shock absorption. Rugged and stylish, it also allows easy use of all functions of your Mini 4. The design provides easy off-screen to on-screen finger swipes which are an integral action using modern tablets. Great color choices let everyone easily identify their own tablet. The rounded front bezel helps to protect your screen if you drop your iPad Mini face down. Front bezel tablet speakers have added protection, while a tablet’s side or rear firing speakers will benefit from increased reverberation and redirection of the sound toward the user. (see pictures). The advanced BobjBounces! design insures all edges are thick silicone for additional protection, and all corners provide superior corner protection while keeping a smooth, sleek look. This Bobj model has a patent pending design which provides continuous passive air cooling for advanced tablets that tend to run warmer. For safe use and easy maintenance, we use a high quality silicone formula which meets U.S. FDA Food Grade Requirements. It is easily cleaned with water and mild hand soap or antiseptic hand soap, and dried with a lint free cloth. The ease of cleaning, plus the rugged design and snug fit, makes your Bobj tablet protection both kid-friendly and more secure in daily use. Bobj Rugged protection is currently used in school systems and by professional businesses, but mostly by everyday tablet users who want to protect their valuable tablets. The iPad Mini is not included with this Bobj product.