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Visual Basic and Databases 2019 Edition: A
Visual Basic and Databases 2019 Edition: A
Visual Basic and Databases 2019 Edition: A

Visual Basic and Databases 2019 Edition: A Step-By-Step Database Programming Tutorial

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About Visual Basic And Databases 2019 Edition: A

Product description VISUAL BASIC AND DATABASES is a step-by-step database programming tutorial that provides a detailed introduction to using Visual Basic for accessing and maintaining databases for desktop applications. Topics covered include: database structure, database design, Visual Basic project building, ADO .NET data objects (connection, data adapter, command, data table), data bound controls, proper interface design, structured query language (SQL), creating databases using Access, SQL Server and ADOX, and database reports. Actual projects developed include a books tracking system, a sales invoicing program, a home inventory system and a daily weather monitor. VISUAL BASIC AND DATABASES is presented using a combination of over 850 pages of self-study notes and actual Visual Basic examples. No previous experience working with databases is presumed. It is assumed, however, that users of the product are familiar with the Visual Basic environment and the steps involved in building a Visual Basic application (such training can be gained from our LEARN VISUAL BASIC ​course). VISUAL BASIC AND DATABASES requires a Microsoft Windows operating system and the Community Edition or Professional Edition of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. The Visual Basic source code, databases and all needed multimedia files are available for download from the publisher's website (KidwareSoftware.com) after book registration. Review "Most computer programs in use today require some interaction with information stored in a database so learning to program with databases increases the marketability of a developer exponentially. This book is structured as a self-study guide but it is easily adapted to classroom lectures and discussion. The content of the book is excellent. It starts with the basics and graduates in small and clear but functional increments. It makes database programming much easier to teach and learn. “Visual Basic and Databases” provides a complete, thorough, and easy to understand explanation of database program development from two people who came up through the ranks as software developers. Their examples reflect real-world applications that will help new developers quickly master database software development. Students can easily convert and expand the examples for their own applications. For example, the Books Database in Chapter 4 could easily be modified to search a similar database of cars, bikes, or passwords, etc. Examples are created using Microsoft’s Access database management system (DBMS) and SQL Server. This makes it easy for the student to compare their capabilities and syntax. I have sincerely enjoyed reading and working through the examples in, “Visual Basic and Databases”. The examples are clear and easy to follow. If I had any questions or if my code did not work I could simply peek at the authors’ completed code examples to get back on track. Throughout the book the authors bring attention to the importance of user interface (UI) design. This is more important than may be obvious at first but developers tend to focus on the code and forget about the UI but eventually someone needs to use this program so a functional and attractive presentation of the program can be the difference between success and failure of the end product. A major plus for this text is how the authors include additional and very useful parallel topics such as the On-Line Help system created in HTML in Chapter 5 and the Graphics Methods in Chapter 7. The book is not about HTML or graphics but the coincidental inclusion give the student a valuable glimpse at other topics of importance. These are just two examples that didn’t have to be included but they are added as part of other chapters and will ultimately benefit the student. This took a lot of forethought by the authors and demonstrates the real value of the book. As a programmer, a long-time college professor, and as the former head of the Computer, Engineering, and Business Department, I have reviewed countless programming books for most of the popular programming languages. “Visual Basic and Databases” by Conrod and Tylee is my favorite text for helping developers make the leap into the rewarding field of database development. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about becoming a professional software developer/engineer." - David B. Taylor, B.S.E.T., M.A.Ed., Ed.S. Former Professor and Department Chair, Computer, Engineering, and Business, Seminole State College nford, Florida "The Visual Basic & Databases Tutorial was the best tutorial and samples I found to use Visual Basic". - Lester Torres Rivera, Teacher, Puerto Rico "Visual Basic and Databases was well organized and the various projects that I had to create in order to learn the material was exhaustive and intensive (which is good!). The course was fun, entertaining and rewarding." - Ray Torres, Miami, FL "I really enjoyed the Visual Basic & Databases tutorial. The database connection examples really helped me." - Bruce Chin, Developer, Toronto, Ontario About the Author Philip Conrod has authored, co-authored and edited over two dozen computer programming books over the past thirty years. Philip holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master's certificate in the Essentials of Business Development from Regis University. Philip has served in various Information Technology leadership roles in companies like Sundstrand Aerospace, Safeco Insurance, FamilyLife, Kenworth Truck Company, and PACCAR. Philip also served as the Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer (SVP & CIO) at Darigold for over a decade. Today, Philip serves as the President & Publisher of Kidware Software LLC which is based in Maple Valley, Washington. Lou Tylee holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Lou has been programming computers since 1969 when he took his first Fortran course in college. He has written software to control suspensions for high speed ground vehicles, monitor nuclear power plants, lower noise levels in commercial jetliners, compute takeoff speeds for jetliners, locate and identify air and ground traffic and to let kids count bunnies, learn how to spell and do math problems. He has written several on-line texts teaching Visual Basic, Visual C# and Java to thousands of people. He taught computer programming courses for over 15 years at the University of Washington and currently teaches math and engineering courses at the Oregon Institute of Technology. Lou also works as a research engineer at a major Seattle aerospace firm. He is the proud father of five children, has six grandchildren and is married to an amazing woman. Lou and his family live in Seattle, Washington.