Flawn Seed Micro Clover Seed, Eco-Friendly, Low
Flawn Seed Micro Clover Seed, Eco-Friendly, Low
Flawn Seed Micro Clover Seed, Eco-Friendly, Low
Flawn Seed Micro Clover Seed, Eco-Friendly, Low
Flawn Seed Micro Clover Seed, Eco-Friendly, Low
Flawn Seed Micro Clover Seed, Eco-Friendly, Low

Flawn Seed Micro Clover Seed, Eco-Friendly, Low Growing, Low Maintenance, Lawn Alternative, Easy Open Compostable Kraft Pouch, Easy Spread, Covers up to 250 sqft

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Flawn Seed Micro Clover Seed, Eco-Friendly, Low Features

  • How To Start Your Flowering Lawn Journey -- No need to remove grass, simply mow existing grass very short, hand spread the flowering lawn seed into the grass evenly, one pinch at a time, water, and watch it grow!

  • Better For Your Family & The Environment -- Our specialty flowering lawn seed is kid and pet friendly. It attracts beneficial pollinators while reducing your property's carbon footprint!

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs -- Flowering lawns require less mowing. Once your flowering lawn is established, it won't require watering, except in periods of extended drought.

  • What To Expect When Using Flawn Seed -- With regular watering, seeds will start to germinate in 1-2 weeks when soils are at least 50-60 degrees, plants will be small for the first couple of months. After the first growing season, it will bloom flowers about 2-6" tall depending on mowing height and frequency from late spring to early fall creating a vital nectar and pollen source for our friendly pollinators.

  • Doing More Good - Small family owned and operated U.S. based business making a difference in local communities through education and seed donations.

About Flawn Seed Micro Clover Seed, Eco-Friendly, Low

Here at Flowering Lawn, we are on a mission to improve the quality of life and the environment, starting with lawns! By making the easy switch to Flawn Seed, you will experience many benefits like reduced mowing, fertilizing & watering - saving you time and money. Flowering lawns support beneficial pollinating insects. Flowering lawns also capture and store more carbon making your property greener. Our Flowering Lawn Kit seeds are easy to establish and can be seeded during any season! If you seed your lawn in late fall or winter, wait until the ground is frozen or sprinkle over fresh snow. If seeding in spring, wait until the ground thaws and soil temperatures are around 55 degrees. Avoid seeding before hot and dry periods to keep soil from completely drying out during germination. Our Flawn Seed Flowering Lawn Kit seeds is designed to be over-seeded into existing grass lawn areas to create about half grass and half clover. If you are starting with bare soil, add 2-4 lbs of grass seed per 1,000 sqft. If you desire to have only clover and no grass, increase your seeding rates. Caring for a Flowering Lawn - Continue to mow your lawn regularly for the first season to keep the grass from overtaking the seedlings. Regular mowing at 2-4” is necessary to maintain smaller leaves. This will result in fewer flower blooms. Without regular mowing, the clovers will produce larger leaves and produce more flower blooms. Watering through hot and dry periods may also be necessary. All of our packaging materials are eco-friendly and 100% recycleable.