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XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape
XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape
XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape
XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape
XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape
XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape
XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape

XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape 2-Inch x 30 Yards (3-Pack Total 90 Yards) Residue-Free Clear Air Conditioner Window Seal Tape for Drafty Windows | Cold Plastic Window Shrink Film Tape

Product ID : 47132828

Galleon Product ID 47132828
Shipping Weight 1.47 lbs
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Manufacturer XFasten
Shipping Dimension 6.18 x 4.33 x 4.17 inches
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XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape Features

  • STRONG BUT SURFACE-SAFE ADHESIVE. The XFasten Transparent window sealing tape sticks on all window surfaces like wood, metal, and aluminum. This window air leak tape is perfect for sealing drafty windows and window-type air conditioning unit gaps. This window weather stripping tape is effective against cold drafts and particulate matters from permeating your room.

  • LASTS FOR 4 SEASONS AND MORE. Compared to other air conditioner window seal tape, our window shrink film tape lasts well for up to four seasons and removes cleanly, residue-free. In addition, this cold shrink tape will not damage surfaces nor lift the paint off from your windows upon removal, even after a year.

  • WOOD-SAFE WINDOW STRIPPING TAPE FOR WINDOWS. No more worrying with glue lines and residues. Our draft window tape leaves your windows or any material free from any mess upon removal. The XFasten Window Weather Seal Tape for drafty windows provides an airtight seal, especially cold wind sealing (-17°C or 1.4°F).

  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS. Is it your first time installing plastic film and plastic tape for windows for winter? Our drafty window seal tape has a pressure-sensitive adhesive and anti-curling backing, allowing users with LITTLE TO NO BACKGROUND IN WINDOW SEALING to produce PROFESSIONAL RESULTS, both in looks and function. This draft window tape offers professional-grade sealing against smog, dust, warm air, and cold air on windows and rooms.

  • AIRTIGHT WINDOW STRIPPING FOR WINDOWS. With its pressure-sensitive adhesive, the XFasten weather stripping tape can provide airtight and watertight sealing for shrink films on windows. This window shrink tape is also weatherproof, which will last against thawing, snow, UV, and heat. Our window plastic tape for cold weather also comes in a pack of 3 for a total length of 90 Yards (30 Yards per roll)!

About XFasten Transparent Window Weather Sealing Tape

The XFasten waterproof window shrink film tape 3-Pack comes in 3 rolls, at 30-Yards length per roll, for a total length of 90 Yards. Did you know that window gaps and doorways are the common culprits of your high electric bill? Are you also tired of the dust and cold air coming inside your room? Then you need this weather sealing tape for doors and windows from XFasten. The XFasten Weathering Sealing Tape works well for any type of weather condition. It helps prevent smog, dust, and warm air from entering between the gaps on your windows or air-conditioning units. Also helps cover cracks easily too! Expect no residues when removing the tape – totally mess-free. This weather window seal tape will help you cut down on unnecessary fuel costs. It’s inexpensive and functional. Get one today! The XFasten Window Isolation Tape is a weatherproof window sealer film tape that stops drafty windows from leaking cold and icy air, especially during the winter. It works even on cold temperatures of as low as -17°C. Its pressure-sensitive adhesive stays firmly for the whole winter duration and removes cleanly when you need it to by Spring. Why Choose the XFasten Clear Weather Seal Tape? Heavy-duty adhesive. This adhesive stays strongly even under strong cold wind pressures. Make sure to clean the surface and press the tape firmly to ensure a greater bonding strength. Stops Cold Drafts Aggressively. The XFasten Plastic tape for drafty windows is perfect for cold winter drafts as it can stay firmly even on extremely low temperatures. Does not shrivel or degrade over time. Removes Cleanly-Perfect for Space Renters. Do you need to remove it after a few months? Then no need to worry! The XFasten Double-sided Window film tape is residue-free and gentle to surface finishes, meaning it will not damage the surface upon removal, nor will it leave a sticky residue, especially on wood surfaces.