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Strength Tarot Card Journal: Major Arcana Tarot
Strength Tarot Card Journal: Major Arcana Tarot
Strength Tarot Card Journal: Major Arcana Tarot

Strength Tarot Card Journal: Major Arcana Tarot Card Notebook

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Galleon Product ID 45785109
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About Strength Tarot Card Journal: Major Arcana Tarot

Strength Tarot Card Journal ✔ Major Arcana Tarot Illustration. ✔ Elegant Interior Page Design. ✔ Journal Your Daily Thoughts. ✔ Write, Sketch, Doodle, Lists. ✔ Goal, Vision, Reading Journal. ✔ Compact To Fit In Your Bag Or Purse. ✔ 100 Beautiful Crisp White Pages. ✔ Ideal Gift For Tarot Readers. Strength Tarot Card Notebook ☛ Capture Your Readings: With eye-catching crisp page designs, this tarot notebook is ideal to pen down readings, random thoughts and ideas or draw out any visions that may enter your mind. ☛ Makes a Perfect Gift: The beautiful hand illustrated and compact notebook makes an ideal small gift for fortune tellers, white witches, tarot readers and anyone interested in occult magic. ☛ Has Multiple Uses: Great for to-do lists, recipes, spells, visions and recording your tarot readings or just as an everyday notebook. Strength Tarot Card Meaning ★ Strength - VIII The Strength card represents courage, confidence, and passion. The eighth Major Arcana assures the triumph of intelligence over brute strength, and morality over evil. The Meanings of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards The Major Arcana Tarot cards represent the life lessons, karmic influences and the big archetypal themes that are influencing your life. The Major Arcana card meanings are deep and complex. Also known as the Trump Cards, the Major Arcana cards include 21 numbered cards and 1 unnumbered card (the Fool). The Fool is the main character of the Major Arcana and makes his journey through each of the cards, meeting new teachers and learning new life lessons along the way, and eventually reaching the completion of his journey with the World card. This is known as the Fool's Journey and is a helpful way of understanding the storyline of the Major Arcana Tarot card meanings. What Does a Major Arcana Card Mean in a Tarot Reading? When you see a Major Arcana card in a Tarot reading, you are being called to reflect on the life lessons and themes that are currently being experienced at this time. A Major Arcana card will often set the scene for the entire Tarot reading, with the other cards relating back to that core Major Arcana meaning. Major Arcana Tarot Card Notepad Summary Keep your ideas in order, pencil in a reading, sketch a vision or write out your wicca and spells. Whether it's a diary, checklist or just to keep notes at home or on the road, stay on top of your readings with this tarot card notepad.