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6 Digit Arduino Nixie Clock Kit PCB Only
6 Digit Arduino Nixie Clock Kit PCB Only
6 Digit Arduino Nixie Clock Kit PCB Only

6 Digit Arduino Nixie Clock Kit PCB Only

Product ID : 8133979

Galleon Product ID 8133979
UPC / ISBN 704751244095
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Manufacturer Nixie
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Brand Nixie
Package Quantity 1
UPC 704751244095
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6 Digit Arduino Nixie Clock Kit PCB Only Features

  • 6 Digit Nixie Clock Kit (PCB Only)

  • Open Source Arduino, source code available

  • Digit blanking, dimming and fading

  • Highly Accurate

  • Low power, low noise, drives any mid sized tube

About 6 Digit Arduino Nixie Clock Kit PCB Only

Six Digit Nixie Clock Kit - Includes: PCB (no tubes) This is a simple to build kit based on an Arduino (Atmel) microcontroller. You get the main, custom designed PCB. You will need to add components from your usual supplier and tubes as well as an external power supply (9V - 12V DC, > 500mA). The PCB is small (6cm x 5cm), with the micro controller taking over many of the tasks that used to be performed in hardware (e.g. HV driver and voltage sensing is in software). Easy To Build All components are through hole (easy assembly, no special tools required), and ICs are socketed. The component count is low, and the step by step instructions take you through the build process, explaining each step in detail (e.g. how to know which way round the components go, what to test, trouble shooting tips and common errors are also included). All tests can be done with a standard multimeter. Features - 6 digit clock with digit fading, dimming and scroll back effect - Battery backed, temperature compensated, high accuracy clock. The accuracy is Accuracy ±2ppm from 0°C to +40°C. (Maximum 1 minute per year) - A WiFi enabled model is also availalable, accuracy ±1 second, with automatic Daylight Savings Time - You may modify and load the software with a normal PC - Uses any tubes you like - Low power consumption - AntiCathode Poisoning (ACP) makes sure that the tubes will stay healthy for many years with no intervention from you - All settings are stored in non-volatile memory. Once they are set, they are remembered forever, or until you change them again - RGB back lighting allows you to set the the color of the back lighting, includes "pulse" and "cycle" effects. For full information, please see the construction and user manuals at: https://www.nixieclock.biz/Manuals.html