Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning
Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning
Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning
Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning
Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning
Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning
Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning

Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning Conditioner 6.5 OZ– Effective Seasoning Rub Formula – Food Safe – Easy to Use Cleaner & Conditioner – with Satisfying Customers Travel Tissue (2Pack)

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Galleon Product ID 49974608
UPC / ISBN 197644502547
Shipping Weight 1.04 lbs
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Model Blackstone Satisfying 2pk
Shipping Dimension 6.81 x 4.06 x 3.03 inches
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Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning Features

  • BEST SEASONING FOR YOUR GRIDDLE & CAST IRON COOKWARE – You can always keep your Blackstone griddle and other cast iron crockery shining and clean after use to prolong their lifespan with the new cast iron conditioner. This griddle seasoning is sure to help you condition the stone or metallic surface and allow it to age naturally to bring out the real flavors from the cookware.

  • EFFECTIVE 2-IN-1 CLEANING FORMULA – With this cast iron rub you can effectively get rid of rust spots, tough oil stains, and other food debris stuck in your crockery. This 2-in-1 formula is great for both stone and cast-iron cooking utensils and is better than most seasoning oils available on the market. This griddle seasoning is a MUST HAVE for the maintenance of your cookware.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND FOOD SAFE – Made from the finest quality high-grade ingredients that are natural, this cast-iron seasoning rub will not impart any unwanted flavors to your grill or stone. Free from any harmful substances, this conditioner is food safe, is sure not to cause any allergic reactions, and is extremely reliable.

  • MULTIPURPOSE & EASY TO USE – No more greasy oils that may go rancid over time! This griddle conditioner is simple to use and you just need to take a little and rub it onto your stone or cast iron cookware and the job is done. This seasoning is perfect for any cast iron grill, pots, pans, and cookware as well as any black stone griddle, or other stone utensils.

About Blackstone 2-IN-1 Griddle & Cast Iron Seasoning

Seasoning and conditioning your cookware is an essential part of maintaining cast-iron and stone utensils. Though seasoning with oils has been an age-old process, they sometimes end up spoiling your cooking utensils beyond repair. Now you can switch to a way more effective and safe solution with our new Blackstone griddle and cast-iron seasoning conditioner. 2IN1 GRIDDLE SEASONING RUB AND CAST IRON CONDITIONER - Now cleaning and conditioning your cast iron skillets, woks, dutch ovens, pots, frying pans or your black stone griddle is sure to become a breeze with this 2IN1 cast iron conditioner. - Your griddle and other cookware will sparkle once you rub them down with this conditioner and seasoning. - Get rid of burn marks, tough stains, food debris, and rust spots in a matter of minutes without having to put in all that effort to scrub. - This conditioner will form a protective film around the cookware to prevent its exposure to any environmental agents that can cause damage. - Made from premium quality natural ingredients this seasoning rub is food safe and will not interfere with your food or give out any unpleasant odors. - This seasoning conditioner is a MUST-HAVE for everyone who enjoys using stone griddles and other cast iron crockery. - Included bonus travel tissue pack is a practical addition to this cast iron seasoning rub pack. - Makes a wonderful gift to all the culinary enthusiasts, chefs, and homemakers, among your friends and family for all festive and non-festive occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year, and more! WE OFFER A 100% RISK-FREE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ON YOUR EVERY PURCHASE WITH US! All our products are manufactured using high-grade materials in facilities adhering to strict compliance and stringent quality standards. So, why think twice? ORDER NOW to receive this griddle stone and cast iron seasoning rub and keep your stone going for a long time!