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Daily Chess Tactics Training - Volume 1: 404
Daily Chess Tactics Training - Volume 1: 404
Daily Chess Tactics Training - Volume 1: 404

Daily Chess Tactics Training - Volume 1: 404 Puzzles to Improve Your Tactical Vision

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Galleon Product ID 42095782
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About Daily Chess Tactics Training - Volume 1: 404

Product Description Are you ready to seriously improve your game?It has been said that chess is 99% tactics but whether that is an accurate reflection is hard to tell. Nevertheless, it is important. But if you are like most players, you only discover the tactics after you come home and run through your game with a chess engine. So what to do? In the present book, you will be challenged 404 times but unlike most tactics puzzle books you don't know what your objective is: do I need to find a mate, find an opportunity skewer or pin a piece, use a tactical turn to gain a positional advantage and how far do I need to calculate?These questions are you are faced with when you play your own games and therefore this book tries to replicate this position. Your one advantage over the players in the respective positions is that you know that there is supposed to be something in there for you to find.The puzzles vary a lot in difficulty, some are relatively easy, some are incredibly difficult, but most are somewhere in between. However, most of the puzzles are layered so that even when you think the answer is obvious, it is worth looking further because your idea may be the decoy left there for you to get distracted from the actual solution.Working through the puzzles and then carefully play through the thoroughly annotated solutions will help you to up your tactical radar as well as your calculation skills. So if you are up for the challenge, here is the opportunity to take the leap forward. Good luck! Review "Working on these puzzles every day has helped sharpen my skills and I have started winning my local tournaments" - Facebook solver "The cure to Puzzle Rush Mania" - Instagram solver An essential part of improving at chess is tactics. Tactics occur at every level of chess but once the players become stronger the elements involved in spotting the puzzles tend to become more complex and deeper, whereas, among weaker players, elementary skewers, forks, and deadly pins are more frequent visitors. From the Author 404 Puzzles for those who are serious about improving their chess Tactical puzzle books all seem sort of the same, positions where you are being told what the demand is and you then have to figure it out. Typically having to sacrifice or exploit a tactical feature, the answers can typically be worked out sooner or later. The puzzles in this book are different. For starters, the puzzles are recent, from the latter half of 2018 and they are played by players rated at least 2300. Additionally, the solutions are not always a quick tactical solution, and the first move is typically not enough for a complete answer, instead a series of precise moves is required and not always is it a winning continuation but one leading to an advantage, often a large one, but occasionally a clear or even a small advantage is all you can hope for. The key is, the solver doesn't know just as in game situations. Should the puzzles prove too difficult, then there are hints for the solution, although the hints can be rather cryptic as well. The puzzles are being presented on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every day, and thousands of eager chess enthusiasts from beginners to grandmasters are playing along.  This book has annotated solutions along with some bonus puzzles that have not previously been published. About the Author Carsten Hansen is an Amazon #1 bestselling author, an experienced chess coach as well as both a FIDE Master and a certified FIDE Trainer. He has authored 29 books all phases of the game, but is recognized as a particular expert on the opening phase of the game.