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Riddles: Word Picture Search Puzzles: Can You Find
Riddles: Word Picture Search Puzzles: Can You Find

Riddles: Word Picture Search Puzzles: Can You Find the Hidden Phrase, Object, Movie, Song or Place? (Word Puzzles For Adults)

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About Riddles: Word Picture Search Puzzles: Can You Find

WARNING! THIS BOOK MAY BECOME HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!Word Picture Search Puzzles by Puzzleland, is a collection of 120 PICTURE RIDDLES challenging you to decipher the message and find the hidden word or phrase! This book will become an exciting reading experience for you, or, an unforgettable gaming experience for 2 and more players.LOOK INSIDE the book to find out what a picture riddle looks like! We promise that you will really enjoy them! AVAILABLE ALSO IN PRINTED VERSION!★ Solve the puzzles without keeping times, and gain an amazing feeling of relaxation, focus and concentration!★★Use a timer and test/challenge your agility and imagination!★★Keep yourself entertained while waiting in public locations!★★Read and play together with as many players as you like!★★Use this book at a party or family gathering and give your loved ones an amazing playing experience that no one will ever forget!★★Very easy rules! You can start playing right away!★★Very easy navigation between puzzles and answers (simply with a click)!★★The riddles are of average difficulty. Everyone can do well in this game!★★Tons of fun and laughter guaranteed if you play with others!★★Specially designed for your e-reader, laptop, PC, tablet. You can read this book even with your Smartphone!★ What exactly is a Word Picture Puzzle?A picture puzzle or picture riddle is a picture representation of a word or a popular phrase. The picture may contain letters, words, numbers, and symbols, all used with a purpose to represent the hidden phrase in a visual way.In this book, we have created five main riddle categories:1.Find the Expression2.Find the Object3.Find the Movie4.Find the Song5.Find the Place Can you decipher the message of the picture and fi