Justrite 14 Gallon Galvanized Steel Oily Waste
Justrite 14 Gallon Galvanized Steel Oily Waste
Justrite 14 Gallon Galvanized Steel Oily Waste

Justrite 14 Gallon Galvanized Steel Oily Waste Can, 20" x 16" Metal Oil Rag Safety Can with Foot Operated Self-Closing Lid for Oil Rag Disposal, Made in The USA, Yellow, 09501

Product ID : 32217887
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Galleon Product ID 32217887
UPC / ISBN 697841002487
Shipping Weight 16.1 lbs
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Model 09501
Manufacturer Justrite
Shipping Dimension 21.61 x 18.82 x 18.7 inches
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Justrite 14 Gallon Galvanized Steel Oily Waste Features

  • Safe Storage - The Justrite oily rag safety can is a flammable rag container used for the temporary storage of shop rags and cloths soaked with oils, solvents, thinners, and other combustibles

  • Made in America - Fashioned from galvanized steel with reinforcing ribs and a powder coat finish, our US-made oily waste safety can resists chemicals and fire and is built to last for years to come

  • Smart Design - The oily rag waste can features a foot-operated self-closing cover that opens to no more than 60°, isolating its contents from fire and limiting oxygen to reduce the risk of combustion

  • Elevated Base - The elevated base and specially designed air holes of the oily rag can allows the circulation of air around the can to disperse heat and reduce moisture build-up and rusting

  • Encourages Compliance - Engineered as a flammable rag container, our cans are FM approved and OSHA compliant, making them superior in safety and compliance to a standard small trash can or garbage can

About Justrite 14 Gallon Galvanized Steel Oily Waste

Revolutionize your workspace with an American-made Justrite oily waste can, a necessity in workshop accessories and auto shop supplies. Engineered for superior safety and durability, our oily waste can is an essential fireproof storage upgrade for any workshop, auto shop, or laboratory. Unlike a traditional metal trash can, our oily waste can features a self-closing lid that remains securely shut when not in use. This innovative design isolates its contents from potential fire sources and dramatically limits oxygen availability, minimizing the risk of spontaneous combustion. The can's construction is robust, crafted from durable steel with a powder-coat finish for exceptional chemical resistance, far exceeding the capabilities of any other flammable storage can or fire safe trash can. Justrite oily waste cans are designed with an elevated base to promote air circulation around the can. This not only disperses heat but also minimizes moisture build-up and rusting. With a foot-operated pedal, the can offers hands-free opening, enhancing safety and convenience over a typical metal trash can with lid. Additionally, the swinging carry handle makes it effortlessly portable, essential for dynamic and varied work environments. With FM, UL/ULC and TUV approvals, and OSHA compliance, our oily waste can provides a reliable, safe, and efficient solution for disposing of flammable waste. Choose a Justrite oily waste can for a safer and more efficient workspace, and elevate the standard of safety in your workshop or auto shop today. Founded in 1906, Justrite is a leading manufacturer of storage, handling, and workplace safety products. Today, Justrite is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of products for the safe management of flammable liquids and hazardous materials.