Glasdon Nexus 8G C-Thru Battery Recycling Bin
Glasdon Nexus 8G C-Thru Battery Recycling Bin
Glasdon Nexus 8G C-Thru Battery Recycling Bin

Glasdon Nexus 8G C-Thru Battery Recycling Bin (Transparent, Blue Sticker)– 8-Gallon Battery Disposal Container with Clear Polycarbonate Exterior – Small Battery Recycling Container

Product ID : 38121215
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Galleon Product ID 38121215
Shipping Weight 10 lbs
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Manufacturer Glasdon
Shipping Dimension 25.98 x 14.02 x 12.99 inches
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Glasdon Nexus 8G C-Thru Battery Recycling Bin Features

  • 8-gallon capacity with small footprint, ideal for siting deskside, under desks or centrally within office or indoor areas

  • Transparent polycarbonate exterior enables the contents to be visible from the outside, enhancing waste segregation & reducing unnecessary emptying

  • Brightly colored blue battery recycling decal with flip lid encourages correct use of the bin

  • Pivoting lid with lid stay mechanism & molded in bag-holder system aids operator when emptying

  • Structurally sound, robust closed container complies with battery waste management guidelines

About Glasdon Nexus 8G C-Thru Battery Recycling Bin

The C-Thru Nexus 8G Battery Bin is a clear solution for the collection & disposal of used batteries. With a small 8-gallon capacity and transparent exterior, this compact bin is a smart, cost-effective way to improve battery recycling schemes. This battery recycling bin features a small footprint & modern design to easily blend into indoor spaces. The large front graphic ensures that the intended waste stream is highly visible, whilst the flip lid complies with current battery waste management guidelines. The transparent body prevents unnecessary emptying whilst encouraging correct use, ideal for retail stores, schools and offices. The lid stay mechanism & molded in bag-holder system aids the operator when decanting the batteries. Design Features: •Large blue battery recycling decal supplied on the front of the bin as standard•Transparent body deters users from depositing unwanted waste by allowing the contents to be visible•Flip lid to contain bin contents securely •Small footprint ideal for placing centralized, under desks or deskside in offices & other indoor spaces •Pivoting lid & lid-stay mechanism complete with a molded-in bag holder system aids operators when cleaning & emptying •Smooth external surfaces for ease of cleaning with no areas for germs to harbor •8-gallon capacity can store a sufficient number of used batteries to aid recycling schemes •Contemporary style blends in with modern office environments •Can be used in conjunction with other Nexus 8G recycling bins to form a coordinated recycling station Dimensions Height: 25" Width: 13" Depth: 12" 6lbs Capacity: 8-gallons Specifications: Colors: Bin Body – Clear, Lid – Mid Gray, Aperture- Mid Gray, Graphic – Blue Materials: Body & Lid – Duratec Material.