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There Is Always Universe: Poems
There Is Always Universe: Poems
There Is Always Universe: Poems

There Is Always Universe: Poems

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About There Is Always Universe: Poems

Product Description A collection of nature and grief poetry... THERE IS ALWAYS UNIVERSE is an ode to the elements and the power of the universe that resides within and around us. Aurora touches on love, loss, friendship, hope, forgiveness, mental health, gratitude, and more. Discover the healing power of mother earth themed imagery, woven together with the raw emotion of this fragile and beautiful human existence in a way that only Aurora can deliver. Tiffany writes with her own unique and modern style, sealed with a classic twist. Vital and soothing, "Universe" is a must read for poetry lovers everywhere. Review "Probably one of the few poetry books on kindle that I enjoyed reading. Like Mary Oliver, she takes her cues from nature, but she instills her poems with enough edginess to make them worth reading. The love poems resonated strongly with me. No matter what her mood, I always found hope in her words." - E. Kelly ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I love the delicacy of the poems in this celestial collection. The poet has such a lyrical, natural style. The poem based on the title is stunning. The presentation is beautiful too. Buy it now if you love poetry." - S. Andrews ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I have been buying all the latest poetry from well known poets. Aching to read something with some sort of substance. Tiffany's work is on an entirely different level from anything else out there. Some of these poems feel like Emily Dickinson re-incarnated! Her style is just so unique. So many modern poetry books out there feel like reading hallmark cards over and over, or someone's teenage diary. You won't find this in "There Is Always Universe." These pieces have rhythm, depth, and reason to them. After reading this collection a second time, I found a whole new meaning to some of the poems. The layers run deep. Dare I say that what the world will miss in Mary Oliver, they might just find a little piece of, in Aurora's words. If you want real nature poetry, you have found it." - B. Olsen From the Author "There is Always Universe" is a collection of nature & grief themed poetry. The title is taken from a piece in this collection of the same name. The universe is all around us & within us. We are literally made of stars, yet so often we feel we don't belong to this world & that nobody understands us. If you are made from the universe, then you can truly belong to it & to yourself as well. Love is the key. I hope something on these pages speaks to you. For those who aren't previously familiar with my style of writing from my social media pages, I sometimes use unconventional dashes & punctuation for artistic reasons, to signify pauses & breaths. I like to sneak my favorite movie & music references into my poetry. Some pieces will be considered thoughts more than poems and will likely mean more to me as the writer than they will to you as the reader. I am ok with that. I write to heal & I hope that I can somehow help others do the same, by sharing my words. Thank you for showing love to my poems. Thank you for being you. There is always universe. It loves you dear reader... & I do too. From the Inside Flap I have a secret to tell you- and it is written in the poems the way names are written in the stars. ------------------------ Up and down, back and forth. Strong and lulling, soft and pulling. Do you know why the ocean obeys the moon? (I do, I do.) Some days they are TIDAL. These waves of loving you. ------------------------ Your love is a fingerprint left behind on the other side of a glass door you locked permanently. The key is no more & I am no longer in the habit of breaking delicate things. ------------------------