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Ecotest Card
Ecotest Card
Ecotest Card
Ecotest Card
Ecotest Card

Ecotest Card (personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter Dkg-21) Made By Ecotest

Product ID : 34811366

Galleon Product ID 34811366
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Model DKG-21
Manufacturer Ecotest
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Brand Ecotest
Color Grey
Package Quantity 1
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Ecotest Card Features

  • Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation individual dose equivalent rate (DER).

  • Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation individual dose equivalent (DE).

  • Clock, alarm clock.

About Ecotest Card

The dosimeter may be used as an electronic direct reading device at atomic power engineering sites, physics laboratories, health care organizations industrial enterprises and companies that deal with gamma radiation sources. It can be applied together with PDC ECOMONITOR software for programming, reading, and processing of the dosimeter measurement results. FEATURES Stand-alone use or use within the automated system of personal dosimetry control. Dose accumulation history storage in the non volatile memory with real time reference. Dose accumulation history transfer to the computer through infrared port. Locking power down mode of the dosimeter until all accumulated data read. Gamma radiation EDR and ED threshold levels programming with the help of the computer or manually with control keys. Blocking certain indication modes with the help of the computer command. Light and audio alarm of exceeded programmed threshold level of gamma radiation EDR and ED. Digital display automatic switch off if current gamma background is lower than the preset threshold level with instant switching on at: - pressing any control key; - gamma background increase above the preset threshold level; - alarm clock ringing. Periodic self testing (batteries, detector). Energy compensated Geiger-Muller counter.


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