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Chakras: The Nature of the Energy Centers & How to
Chakras: The Nature of the Energy Centers & How to

Chakras: The Nature of the Energy Centers & How to Balance Them for Greater Peace, Healing & Spiritual Growth

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About Chakras: The Nature Of The Energy Centers & How To

A beginner's guide to the seven energy centers and how to balance them. The word "chakra" comes from Sanskrit and roughly translates as "wheel". It refers to locations throughout the body at which energy is concentrated into whirling vortices. It is said that, as they spin, they absorb power from their physical environment and transmute it into spiritual substance. They have also been described as "lotuses" in ancient Indian scriptures, which conveys both their appearance and, because the lotus is such a sacred flower in the east, their value. Though the term for these energy stations comes from India, this is by no means the only culture that has perceived their existence. Indeed, civilizations around the world have both identified and worked with them. Each center has a unique appearance, specific attributes, and corresponding functions. The sites, according to clairvoyants, are brilliant, ever-rotating vortices made of colored light. An alternative way of describing a chakra is to see it as a center of awareness. Each one is linked to different developmental stages, beginning with the most basic and ending with complete transformation and awakening. Each stage builds upon the other, and includes physical, psychological, and spiritual components. During the course of this book we will explore: The nature of the chakra system The root chakra: Muladhara The sacral chakra: Svadhishthana The navel chakra: Manipura The heart chakra: Anahata The throat chakra: Vishuddha The third-eye chakra: Ajna The crown chakra: Sahasrara Chakra balance and relationships And more! Learn about the true nature of your being. Find the peace and balance you seek. Achieve greater spiritual growth. Download now!