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BMW Genuine Engine Block Crankshaft Sensor Bolt
BMW Genuine Engine Block Crankshaft Sensor Bolt
BMW Genuine Engine Block Crankshaft Sensor Bolt

BMW Genuine Engine Block Crankshaft Sensor Bolt (Aluminum) - 6 X 16 Mm 525i 525xi 530i 530xi M5 528i 528xi 535i 535xi 530xi 535xi M6 M6 X5 3.0si X5 35iX X6 35iX 128i 135i M Coupé X3 3.0i X3 3.0si Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si Z4 3.0si 128i 135i Z4 30i 323i 325i 325xi

Product ID : 23152631
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Galleon Product ID 23152631
UPC / ISBN 706084244001
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Manufacturer BMW
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Brand BMW
Package Quantity 1
UPC 706084244001
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BMW Genuine Engine Block Crankshaft Sensor Bolt Features

  • BMW Genuine Engine Block Crankshaft Sensor Bolt (Aluminum) - 6 X 16 Mm

  • This part is used in Cable Harness Fixings -- CABLE HOLDER/COVERING -- Cooling system coolant hoses -- Cooling System Water Hoses -- Engine block -- Engine Block Mounting Parts -- GS7S47BG seals/mounting parts -- Interference-suppression band -- TRANSMISSION OIL COOLI

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 24000 miles or 2 years

  • Please see Product Description below for vehicle compatibility

About BMW Genuine Engine Block Crankshaft Sensor Bolt

Sdn-528i-2008-10 Sdn-528xi-2008-10 Sdn-525i-2006-07 Sdn-525xi-2006-07 Sdn-530i-2006-07 Sdn-530xi-2006-07 Sdn-M5-2006-10 E61-Wagon-530xi-2006-07 E63-Cpe-M6-2006-10 E64-Conv-M6-2007-10 E70N-X5 35iX-2011-07/2010 E70-X5 3.0si-2007-10 E71-X6 35iX-2008-10 E71-X6 35iX-2011-07/2010 E82-Cpe-128i-2008-13 E82-Cpe-135i-2011-07/2010 E83N-X3 3.0i-2007-10 E83N-X3 3.0si-2007-10 E85-Roadster-Z4 3.0i-2006-08 E85-Roadster-Z4 3.0si-2006-08 E86-Cpe-Z4 3.0si-2006-08 E88-Conv-128i-2008-13 E88-Conv-135i-2008-10 E88-Conv-135i-2011-07/2010 E89-Roadster-Z4 30i-2009-11 Sdn-323i-2009-11 Sdn-328i-2009-11 Sdn-328xi-2009-11 Sdn-335i-2009-07/2010 Sdn-335i-2009-11 Sdn-335xi-2009-11 Sdn-335xi-2011-07/2010 Sdn-323i-2005-06 Sdn-323i-2007-08 Sdn-325i-2005-06 Sdn-325xi-2005-06 Sdn-328i-2006-08 Sdn-328xi-2006-08 Sdn-330i-2005-06 Sdn-330xi-2005-06 Wagon-328i-2009-11 Wagon-328xi-2009-11 Wagon-325xi-2006-08 Wagon-328i-2007-08 Wagon-328xi-2007-08 Cpe-328i-2007-10 Cpe-328xi-2007-10 Cpe-335xi-2007-10 E92N-Cpe-328i-2011-12 E92N-Cpe-328xi-2011-12 E92N-Cpe-335i-2011-07/2010 E92N-Cpe-335xi-2011-07/2010 Conv-328i-2005-07 Conv-328i-2006-07 Conv-328i-2010-12 Conv-335i-2009-07/2010 F01N-Sdn-740i-2013-14 F02N-Sdn-740Li-2013-14 F02N-Sdn-740LiX-2013-14 F02N-Sdn-Hybrid 7L-2013-14 F06-Gran Cpe-640i-2013-14 F06-Gran Cpe-640iX-2013-14 F07-GT-535i-2010-07/2010 F07-GT-535i-2010-13 F07-GT-535iX-2011-07/2010 F07-GT-535iX-2011-13 F10-Sdn-528i-2011-11 F10-Sdn-535i-2011-07/2010 F10-Sdn-535i-2011-13 F10-Sdn-535iX-2011-07/2010 F10-Sdn-535iX-2011-13 F10-Sdn-Hybrid 5-2013-13 F12-Conv-640i-2012-13 F12-Conv-640iX-2014-14 F13-Cpe-640i-2012-13 F13-Cpe-640iX-2014-14 F25-X3 28iX-2011-14


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