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Effortless Outfits: The Men's Guide to Matching
Effortless Outfits: The Men's Guide to Matching

Effortless Outfits: The Men's Guide to Matching Clothes for Powerful Impression in Personal and Professional Life

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Author Robert Van Tongeren
Edition 1
Format Kindle EBook
Number Of Pages 192
Publication Date 2016-07-14
Release Date 2016-07-14
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About Effortless Outfits: The Men's Guide To Matching

Imagine... You open your wardrobe and know exactly what to wear to look your best. You know exactly which clothes to put together to make a great impression on everyone you meet that day. You put them on, and as you walk out the door you catch a glimpse in the mirror. You smile because you can't help feeling proud of how sharp you look. You'll feel confident all day, knowing that you're presenting yourself in a powerful way — knowing people will see you for the man that you are.You walk into a meeting, and people see you in a positive light before you even open your mouth. They treat you with the respect you deserve and carefully consider everything you say. You walk into a bar. You look around to find your date, and catch a couple of smiling girls looking straight at you. They quickly divert their glance back to each other and laugh with a blush on their cheeks. You just caught them checking you out.Then you spot your date, and as she sees you approaching, a smile spreads across her face. You know what she's thinking. The date is already off to a great start, and you haven't even said hello yet. That's the power of dressing sharp. Unfortunately, dressing sharp is a lost art for men, and one of the biggest hurdles they have is matching their clothes. I have helped hundreds of men polish their style, and matching clothes seems to be the #1 source of confusion — which I understand. As a former fashion victim, it confused the hell out of me too. Only through lots of experimentation did I finally discover how it works.And frankly, it's easy once you know the basic rules. These days I open my wardrobe and spend barely a thought on which clothes to wear. I can pick an outfit in 20 seconds and know it'll make me look great. The problem is that most men's style resources barely cover the art of matching clothes. Take colors, for example — probably the most