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Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a
Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a

Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture

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Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Features


About Raising The Bottom: Making Mindful Choices In A

Product Description Have you ever wondered if social drinking has unintended consequences to your health, family, relationships, or your profession? Have you ever thought that losing control of your drinking couldn’t happen to you or someone you love? All the women you know are too smart. Too rich. Too kind. Too together. Too much fun. Pick one. We live in a boozy culture, and the idea of women and wine has become entrenched. Is your book club really a “wine club”? Do you crave the release a drink can bring to cope with anxiety, parenthood, the pressures of being a mom, a wife/partner, a professional? In Raising the Bottom, mothers, daughters, health professionals, and young women share their stories of why they drank, how they stopped, and the joys and rewards of being present in their lives once they kicked alcohol to the curb. Review 2018 International Book Awards Winner in Health: Women's Health 2018 Readers' Favorites Book Awards Bronze Medal in Non-Fiction—Self Help 2018 International Book Awards Finalist in Health: Addiction & Recovery 2018 International Book Awards Finalist in Women's Issues 2017 USA Best Book Award Winner in Health: Women's Health 2017 USA Best Book Awards Finalist in Health: Addiction & Recovery “[Boucher] demonstrates that alcoholism is a disease that doesn’t discriminate by income level, education, or gender. Contrary to the thinking that women have to lose it all before making changes, she hopes that, by reading her book, women can recognize and deal with their potential alcoholism early on. Highly recommended.” ―Library Journal (STARRED REVIEW) “Raising the Bottom brings to the forefront a very necessary and under-discussed subject. Our health-care system is currently ill-equipped to deal with the complicated problem of alcohol and drug dependence. Now more than ever, it is imperative that physicians receive better training on recognizing, understanding, and treating addiction. Only then can we be truly effective at assisting our patients in their recovery.” ―Richard Saxen, MD, Internal Medicine "Raising the Bottom is an excellent resource for anyone who suspects they or a loved one has a problem with alcohol. It doesn't just focus on the problem of alcoholism, it emphasizes the solution and demonstrates that alcoholics can live wonderful, productive lives through sobriety. This is a book of hope." ―Leslie R. Dye, MD, President, Medical Toxicology Foundation "Raising The Bottom provides a vivid glimpse of a family in crisis, but you're left with a feeling of hope and an understanding that addiction is a disease. One cannot simply have the willpower to overcome addiction; it's a battle that can be won through God’s grace." ―Jill Kingston, Executive Director, Brigid's Path “Spoken from the heart. Raising the Bottom is a refreshing take on the issues women have as caretakers and enablers. Boucher writes in a straightforward manner that both the long-time worker in our industry and those new to recovery can comprehend. The stories are relevant to the trials that all women share. Entertaining as well as educational!” ―Stanley Stone, President, Resources for Recovery “Extremely helpful to women (and men) who have been in the grip of alcohol and drugs, Raising the Bottom will help alcoholics understand why they do what they do, and provide hope and courage for them to take the steps to overcome. I can especially relate to the stories in the book as they are so similar to my own victory over addiction. Boucher outlines the steps and principles that help so many to rise above the hopelessness of addiction and take back control of their lives.” ―Norbert H. Kox, visionary artist “Raising the Bottom reveals the truth about alcohol in a bold and personal way. Boucher shares the warning signs to help women before it’s too late. It gets to the heart of the problem, but offers hope for recovery and a life after alcohol.” ―Barbara Daniel, Publisher/Editor, The Cleveland Women's Journal