Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead
Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead
Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead
Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead
Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead
Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead
Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead
Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead

Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead Extractor. Double Ended Angled Circle Loop & Sharp Needle Pimple Popper Tool. Dermatologists recommended Design and Comes with Synthetic Leather Storage

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Lancet for Facial Milia Remover and Whitehead Features

  • FULFILL MULTI PURPOSE NEEDS : It will perfectly work to remove blackhead, millia, whitehead, zit, pimple, splinter, deep cystic acne, cyst, pus around your nose, chin, forehead, cheeks and anywhere on your body. Follow the step listed on product guide.

  • WELL THOUGHT CRAFTSMANSHIP : Unlike other comedone extractor, Beautlex lancet extraction tool have relatively small needle on one side. So the fear of self doing is totally eliminated due to well designed size & design. Where medical lancer poke to make tiny hole, the other side of wire loop perfectly extract any pus-filled and oil filled plug that has been trapped under the surface of skin.

  • DERMATOLOGIST LEVEL EXTRACTOR TOOL : Professionals recommend the lancets. It is durable, easy to grip, very sharp on one end, and a loop on the other. Face care was never easy as it effortlessly remove even deep stubborn pimples to get rid of the pus and bacteria. Its fairly light weight and designed in a way that weight providing the pressure needed for popping.

  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL : The core element behind the efficient working of any instrument, is the selection of right material for right instrument. This pimple lancet is made of High Grade stainless steel. It is Rust free, you can sterilize/autoclave as many times as you want. It is sturdy, firm and tip of lance stay sharp pointed for longer period and loop circle will stay firm that even the hardest pressure will not be able turn or bend it.It is the best for facial blemishes & extraction

  • WARRANTY & PACKAGE : It comes with Synthetic Leather Storage case. Just keep your tool within pouch after use and you are good to go. It is backed by 30 Days FREE RETURN & LIFETIME WARRANTY, didn't showed up as what you expected, send us back, we are happy to exchange or refund.

About Lancet For Facial Milia Remover And Whitehead

Product Description: If you are popping pimples with your fingers then you are probably doing it wrong as it might lead to potential infection. So stop making it worse and use the right way as professional dermatologists & estheticians do. This acne needle by Beautex helps removal of facial skin problems with ease & without risk of any infection. We have carefully selected the high quality dermatologist approved stainless steel to ensure its best and efficient working. Usage Directions: Here's the right way to pop your pimples: First, wait until the pimple forms a whitehead, this is a sign that the infection pus is near the surface which makes it easier to extract. Next, then wipe both the skin and lancet with prep pads (Not included in the package). Its popping time! Hold this Lancet extractor between your thumb and forefinger with needle pointed towards the whitehead and poke (ideally a delicate touch) in the center of pimple. Milia are keratin-filled cysts and hard so you will barely feel the lancet. Use under the bright light (if you are doing it at your own) so you might not poke the other part of your skin. Now place the wire loop around the area and press firmly. Do it slowly and gentle pushes and not be too aggressive, if you are feeling the hard substance under the skin then press down severally. Always press down and up and not drag it all around your dead skin. Then guide the pus up and out by gently squeezing the base. If required, repeat the process for each effected area.