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Ancable Ground Loop Isolator,Isolation
Ancable Ground Loop Isolator,Isolation
Ancable Ground Loop Isolator,Isolation
Ancable Ground Loop Isolator,Isolation
Ancable Ground Loop Isolator,Isolation
Ancable Ground Loop Isolator,Isolation

Ancable Ground Loop Isolator,Isolation Transformer,Hum/Buzz/Noise Eliminator for Cable TV Applications

Product ID : 28916931
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Galleon Product ID 28916931
Shipping Weight 0.29 lbs
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Model 8541759410
Manufacturer Ancable
Shipping Dimension 7.24 x 4.17 x 1.81 inches
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Brand Ancable
Package Quantity 1

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Ancable Ground Loop Isolator,Isolation Features

  • No more Hum/Buzz/Noise, No More Rolling Line.With this unit,you can eliminate audio hum/buzz/noise and horizontal scrolling bars caused by ground loops.

  • Product shows superior RF performance operating at a frequency range of 5 - 1,000 MHz. Maximum insertion loss is 1.5 dB. at 1 GHz.

  • Perfect design with a metallic housing that provides excellent RFI shielding of > 85 dB. The Housing is environmentally sealed against moisture and humidity.

  • Each end of the isolator is a nickle-plated 75 OHM machined female F connector

  • Note: If your cable by pass the DC current, it will not work. Normally the signal from the antenna or coax cable belongs to low voltage AC current and our Isolator will work with it.

About Ancable Ground Loop Isolator,Isolation

Ancable Ground Loop Isolator is a capacitive-based isolator that provides a high impedance barrier to AC power-related ground currents. It can prevent hum or buzz in sound systems as well as hum bars in video systems, while providing a transparent path for radio frequency video and cable modem signals. Specification: Impedance: 75ohm F connector Type:Female to Female (package comew with addition Male/Male coupler ) Frequency Range: 5-1000MHz Insertion Loss (5-1000MHz): 0.3dB(typ)/0.7dB(max) Rutrun Loss (5-1000MHz): 22dB(typ)/16 (min) Surge Protection: 3KV (All Ports) Ground Loops? Ground loops can happen even in the most carefully planned A/V system. When ground loops happen in a video system, the result is unwanted hum or video hum bars. In cable TV systems, the power supply for the cable system amplifiers are powered by a different source than the equipment that is used to enjoy the programming. The National Electrical Code requires the cable system to be bonded to the power service entrance ground, but in actual practice, this is not always the case. Even when the code is properly observed, there are other factors that can cause a difference in ground potential. It can be because one of the circuits is loaded more heavily than the other, or because one run is longer than the other, or any number of other reasons that are beyond the scope of this article. The result of this difference in ground potential is commonly referred to as a ground loop. The Solution Ancable Ground Loop Isolator is elegant in its simplicity. Just insert it anywhere in the RF line between the cable TV and your equipment. Immediately, the effects of the ground loop become a non-issue. Problem solved. There are not too many things that one can install in an A/V system that can provide so much improvement with so little effort.