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UMI 220V to 110V Step Down Smart Travel Transformer
UMI 220V to 110V Step Down Smart Travel Transformer

UMI 220V to 110V Step Down Smart Travel Transformer 100Watts Voltage Converter with 110V and 100V Output for US and Japan Appliance to be Used in Euro Asia

Product ID : 34375987
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Galleon Product ID 34375987
Shipping Weight 1.97 lbs
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Model ST-100 SD
Manufacturer UMI
Shipping Dimension 8.23 x 6.85 x 1.89 inches
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Brand Umi
Size 220V To 110V
Product is Out of Stock as of Jul, 02 2020
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UMI 220V to 110V Step Down Smart Travel Transformer Features

  • 1. Step Down voltage converter: for step Down only, from 220V power supply (such as in EURO, China, Korea, Philippines, etc.) covert to 110V, apply for appliances from US, Canada, Mexico;

  • 2. International Compatibility: right outlet is for 110V rated appliances from US, Canada, Mexico etc., Left outlet is for 100V rated appliance from Japan;

  • 3. Travel Design: With toroidal transformer, it's slim design, light weight, only 9.5*15*2.6cm(3.74"*5.9"*1.02") (such as iphone 6s Plus size) 0.7kg(1.54Lb), easy to put in the suitcase, especially suitable for traveling;

  • 4.Safety: Built-in recoverable temperature fuse, can protect voltage converter, safe use; CE & CQC Certified!

  • 5. Continous capacity: Continuous power over 100VA, can run 7*24 hours with full load.

About UMI 220V To 110V Step Down Smart Travel Transformer

Product Description: UMI Smart Travel Transformers ST-100 SD, is designed for step down voltage converter from 220V to 110V, which is suitable for appliance with 100V-120V rated to be used in those countries with 220V-240V supply: Input: 220V-240V Output: 100V-120V Frequency: 50/60Hz Load Capacity: 100Watts For UMI voltage converter, due to small dimension, just 150*95*26mm(3.74"*5.9"*1.02"), 0.7kg 1.54Lb), could be easy to take with your baggage, but better for your electronics, iPhone, iPad, Shaver, Face Cleanser Instrument, Mini Humidifier and so on to be used with different voltage in international travelling; The featured design with toroidal transformers, having the products to be slim and smart, high efficiency, energy saving, safety. There's double security protection:overcurrent protection and overheating protection; It's a perfect handy unit for travelling and business trips based on its durable quality and powerful functions. Voltage Transformer Purchasing Guide: Prior to purchasing a voltage transformer, in order to avoid users' frustrations and unnecessary returns, it's imperative to check and verify what your appliance's Maximum Power Consumption (MPC) is, which could be located on the device's nameplate or included in it's user instruction. The appliance's MPC must be less than this transformer's Maximum Load Capacity (MLC), or it will NOT work. For safety concerns and optimal results, the manufacturer recommends that the transformer's MLC should be equal or greater than your appliance's MPC.