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Seki Edge Callus Reducer SS 800
Seki Edge Callus Reducer SS 800
Seki Edge Callus Reducer SS 800
Seki Edge Callus Reducer SS 800
Seki Edge Callus Reducer SS 800
Seki Edge Callus Reducer SS 800

Seki Edge Callus Reducer SS 800

Product ID : 44583482

Galleon Product ID 44583482
UPC / ISBN 883269874038
Shipping Weight 0.95 lbs
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Model SS-800
Manufacturer Seki EDGE
Shipping Dimension 7.2 x 2.72 x 0.71 inches
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Seki Edge Callus Reducer SS 800 Features

  • Coarse Stainless Steel; On One Side Of The Callus Remover Is An Easy To Clean Stainless Steel Etching That Reduces Calluses; Use After Showering Or When The Callus Is Softened For Better Removal; The Coarse Abrasive Side May Also Be Used On Dry Skin

  • Fine Stainless Steel; Opposite The Coarse Side Lies A Fine Abrasive Stainless Steel Side That Smooths Out The Callus In All Directions; Fine Side Is To Be Used On More Sensitive Areas Of The Feet That Are Less Calloused Like The Toes

  • Resin Handle; Professional Grade Ergonomic Handle Design Made Of ABS Resin; Specifically Crafted For Comfort And Ease; Strong Grip Allows For Total Control When Working With A Tough Or Hard Callus Or With Sensitive Skin During Pedicures Or Manicures

  • Skin Smoother; Two Grit Callus Remover Gently Rasps Away Calluses And Corns And Dead Skin; Rough Skin Becomes Softer And Smoother When Used Daily; Use Twice A Week For The Same Results For Lightly Calloused Feet

  • Honey Combed Etching; Allows Both Sides Of The Callus Remover To Be Used In All Directions; Tool May Be Used For Personal Use; Also Recommended For Professional Salons And Spas And Other Beauty Establishments

About Seki Edge Callus Reducer SS 800

Don't forget to include your feet when it comes to personal grooming tools! A callus is a thickening of the skin that occurs in response to excessive, repeated rubbing friction over the skin. Calluses are similar to corns, but calluses occur when abnormal forces are exerted over a larger area. Certain deformities of the feet, such as crookedness of the toes may predispose someone to the development of calluses. But the most common place for calluses is the heel of the foot. Once dry and cracked, it can be painful to walk on and may require immediate attention. Calluses may cause pain, typically in the form of a burning sensation. Excessive weight bearing and certain types of shoes are often contributing factors. This is why keeping calluses under control on a regular basis is important. Not only are they unsightly, but they can hinder your activities of daily living if they cause pain. Tending to them on a daily basis is imperative to keeping them under control and allowing you to put focus on the things that really matter. Some product features that will make this process easier for you include: • Ergonomic handle design • Coarse abrasive stainless steel side • Fine abrasive stainless steel side • Honey combed etching ABOUT SEKI EDGE: SEKI EDGE is a collection of world class beauty implements made by the finest craftsman in Seki, Japan. From nail clippers, eyebrow tweezers, mens grooming kits, eyelash curlers to Japanese chef knives, there is something for everyone! At Seki Edge, we stay on the cutting edge in functionality and design keeping you groomed and beautiful.