RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper
RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper
RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper
RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper
RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper
RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper
RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper
RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper

RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper Proof, Driver Bit Set- T10, 15,20,25,27,30,40,45,50- Multifunction Damage/Shear Resistant Hollow Torque Kit

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Galleon Product ID 12607325
UPC / ISBN 815518023379
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Model 2337
Manufacturer RamPro
Shipping Dimension 5.24 x 3.54 x 0.47 inches
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RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper Features

  • INCLUDED: Ram-Pro 9Pc Torx Star Five Point, Cam-out Resistant Security Tamper Proof, and Driver Bit Set 1” Length with Storage Sleeve Red Case - Securely Screws onto Most ¼" Screwdrivers Sockets & Power Tool Shanks.

  • SIZES: IP10- 2.74 mm, IP15- 3.27 mm, IP20- 3.86 mm, IP25- 4.43 mm, IP27- 4.99 mm, IP30- 5.52 mm, IP40- 6.65 mm, IP45- 7.82 mm, IP50- 8.83 mm.

  • DESIGN: Designed to prevent Cam-Out the 5-Lobe 1/4" shank hex bits clicks onto most standard sockets, screwdrivers, drill/driver kits & Power tools attachments. The hole in the center in each bit causes it to be tamper resistance - Small enough set so it can be kept in the vehicle, junk drawer, or toolbox, and be at hand when needed.

  • QUALITY: Constructed of High Grade S2 Steel Material, with sturdy hardened & tempered construction, Made in Taiwan - Identical match for most standard tamper resistance German & Japanese made Star 5 Point Screws as opposed to the common 6-point.

  • USAGE: For Automotive, Repairs, Trucks, Cars, Engines, Motorcycle, Interiors, Dash, Computers, Cable Boxes, Toys, Appliances and Consumer Electronics - Commonly used for Body & Trim pieces, interior frames and electrical sensors & devices – Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, some Chrysler cars/trucks & Leatherman items use 5-point fasteners instead of common 6-point - Bits are also accessible to many other protected components.

About RAMPRO 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point, Security Tamper

About Ram-Pro 9Pc Torx Star 5 Point Pentalobe Style, Security Tamper Proof, & Driver Bit Set. The Problem: You need to replace a graphics card or hard disk drive on your computer, or add RAM to your laptop, or maybe even change important parts on your German made vehicle like the air flow sensor, but you don’t have the right bit to take care of that Torx Star screws. Our Solution: Here’s the perfect tool for you! Our 5-Point/Sided bit set will help you with any project you want to accomplish. The torx design allows for a higher torque to be applied when screwing compared to any other conventional hex socket head, without damaging or springing the head/tool. The bits are tamper resistant meaning; they have a hole in the tip to bypass the post that is found in some security screws – But the bits can also be used on regular screws. Top Quality: Made in Taiwan - Our Durable bit Set is constructed with hardened & tempered high grade CR-V S2 steel material for a long lasting existence. These will resist stripping & deforming more than lower quality "Heated", "Treated" or "Carbon" steel. You Get: 9 Star Torx bit sizes: T10- 2.74 mm T15- 3.27 mm T20- 3.86 mm T25- 4.43 mm T27- 4.99 mm T30- 5.52 mm T40- 6.65 mm T40- 6.65 mm T45- 7.82 mm T50- 8.83 mm. You also get a hardened plastic red sleeve case that all the bits sit into for storage ease. Usage: Torx screws are also commonly found on automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycle brake systems (disc brakes), hard disk drives, computer systems and consumer electronics. Note! Torx screws are also becoming increasingly popular in construction industries. Whether you're an everyday car driver, bike/motorcycles rider or a professional contractor, this Torx bit set will be very handy no matter what you're trying to repair. This is also an essential tool for Collision Repair and body shops.