Large Blue Rhythm Hanging Mobile - 56 Inches
Large Blue Rhythm Hanging Mobile - 56 Inches
Large Blue Rhythm Hanging Mobile - 56 Inches
Large Blue Rhythm Hanging Mobile - 56 Inches
Large Blue Rhythm Hanging Mobile - 56 Inches

Large Blue Rhythm Hanging Mobile - 56 Inches - Aluminum - Handmade in Denmark by Flensted

Product ID : 48738493

Galleon Product ID 48738493
Shipping Weight 1 lbs
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Model F037CAB
Manufacturer Flensted Mobiles
Shipping Dimension 47.01 x 12.01 x 2.01 inches
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Large Blue Rhythm Hanging Mobile - 56 Inches Features

  • A beautiful graphic design made of aluminum. It is the perfect gift for a special occasion. The mobile's size makes it ideal for large rooms.

  • For adults or children, this high end mobile is handmade in Denmark. It is perfectly balanced so that all elements are in constant motion. A Flensted Mobile is made from a combination of love, dedication and quality, bringing a unique design into your home while helping you to unwind at the same time. Each is beautifully packaged, and makes an excellent gift. Please note that this mobile requires minor assembly to ensure it hangs perfectly. The process is quick and straightforward, designed for easy completion by anyone. Detailed instructions are included for your convenience.

  • Flensted Mobiles are a traditional handicraft in Denmark. The first modern designer mobile was made there in 1954. Today Flensted Mobiles is based on the Danish island of Funen, the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, where it creates its very own design fairy tales from the old village school in Brenderup. We are represented all over the world, and take pride in bringing you handmade Danish design for your home - and your heart.

  • Made of aluminum, and measures 56" X 55" when displayed. Please see the product description below for more details, and a Flensted Mobile FAQ, and click the "by Flensted Mobiles" link below this page's product title to view all of our different styles.

About Large Blue Rhythm Hanging Mobile - 56 Inches

How can I clean my mobile? Mobiles made of cardboard should only be dusted with a soft brush. Mobiles made of wood, aluminium or plastic can be wiped with a moist cloth with a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent. How long can my Mobile last? One person called us and said that they had inherited a Science Fiction Mobile from her grandmother who had had it for 30 years! In our home we have had the same mobile hanging for more than 20 years. Can my mobile hang outdoors? No. Since they are very sensitive to the simplest whiff of air hanging them outside is not recommendable. Will my mobile fade? In many of our mobiles we use plastic foil. This material is lightproof and easy to clean. Some other mobiles are made of cardboard. Even though we use the highest quality cardboard it will fade over the years. Red colors fade more than blue. You can delay fading by hanging the mobile out of direct sunlight. When hanging your mobile, try it in different places and bear in mind the following suggestions: 1. The mobile is designed to be a pleasure to the eye and a stimulus to the imagination. Hang out of reach of children. It is not a toy. 2. Hang it away from direct sunlight to avoid the colors fading and the shapes distorting. 3. Hang it where there is some movement of air but no strong draft. A slow, quiet movement is the essence of the mobile. Do not hang it outdoors. 4. Where practical, hang the mobile where it has a subdued, uniform background. A corner position against light-colored walls is often the best location. 5. If possible, hang it in the light from a lamp. The shadow that the mobile casts onto a wall or ceiling will give the mobile yet another dimension. A candle is a concentrated light source which will produce distinct, well-defined shadows. 6. Hang the mobile where you can watch it while listening to music. You will see the mobile move to the rhythm of the music.