3M VHB 4936 Heavy Duty Tape in Gray
3M VHB 4936 Heavy Duty Tape in Gray
3M VHB 4936 Heavy Duty Tape in Gray
3M VHB 4936 Heavy Duty Tape in Gray
3M VHB 4936 Heavy Duty Tape in Gray

3M VHB 4936 Heavy Duty Tape in Gray – (Pack of 2) 8 in. Double Sided Square Tape with Conformable Foam Core. Adhesive Tapes and Sealants

Product ID : 25782105

Galleon Product ID 25782105
UPC / ISBN 888519072301
Shipping Weight 0.13 lbs
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Model 3M 4936 8" X 8"-10
Manufacturer 3M
Shipping Dimension 9.06 x 8.07 x 0.24 inches
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3M VHB 4936 Heavy Duty Tape in Gray Features

  • Double-Sided Tape: this high-strength foam tape is a smart replacement of rivets, drills, spot welds, screws, and messy liquid adhesives. This tape is suitable for mounting ducts, electric cables, conduit channels for clutter-free wiring at offices and warehouses

  • Bonding Tape: the gray foam tape with conformable core can be used on thinner, lightweight materials having similar or dissimilar textures. This permanent bonding tape offers consistent and durable bonds with immediate handling strength

  • Utility: VHB tape to bond materials with high and medium surface energies such as glass, acrylic, vinyl, metals, and plastics. This tape can be used for decorative materials, electronic displays and for bonding panel to frame or stiffener to panel

  • Resistivity: the acrylic adhesive tape is resistant to UV light, moisture, solvent, and chemicals. The durably designed tape resists hot and cold temperature cycling - providing strong bonds in even extreme temperature zones

  • Specifications: the gray-colored square tape measures 8 in. and is 0.025 in. thick

About 3M VHB 4936 Heavy Duty Tape In Gray

Create strong bonds between materials with different textures and surface energies; use 3M 4936 VHB Tape. The bonding tape has been durably manufactured to maintain permanent adhesion even in the presence of UV light, chemicals, moisture, and solvents — ideal to be used in heavy-duty work environments. This acrylic adhesive tape meets a wide range of holding requirements including attaching steel stiffeners to textured metal panels for door, cabinet and sign assembly. The double-sided foam tape can be reliably used on thinner and lightweight materials that have varying textures. Easily replacing rivets, spot welds, screws, and liquid adhesives, the high bonding tape can be used to ensure a smooth surface.