U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer
U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer
U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer
U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer
U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer
U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer
U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer

U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer - 0.01% Readability, 110 g x 1 mg USS-HMA03 Moisture Balance - Touch Panel

Product ID : 43736932
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Galleon Product ID 43736932
UPC / ISBN 888107094029
Shipping Weight 15.9 lbs
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Model USS-HMA03
Manufacturer U.S. Solid
Shipping Dimension 19.02 x 13.82 x 13.58 inches
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U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer Features

  • Highly Performant: The U.S. Solid moisture analyzer features a highly efficient 400W halogen lamp and fast weighing performance which makes this device suitable to measure even low moisture contents. It has weight readability of 0.001g and moisture readability of 0.01%.

  • Multifunctional Device: Our moisture balance comes with 3 drying modes (standard, fast, and soft) and 3 ending modes (automatic, manual, and timing). In this way, every user can use the desired functions in order to deliver an accurate and efficient measurement of samples.

  • Smart Functionality: The U.S. Solid moisture analyzer allows you to preset and store up to 16 groups of research methods from 0 to F for a quick and easy measurement. Also, the device can display the results in 3 different options, so the users can retreat data easier.

  • Super Quality: We are committed to offering only professional equipment. That is why our smart moisture analyzer is made with top-quality materials, having an aluminum enclosure and a multi-story heating chamber for safe and long-lasting use.

  • HD Display Panel: USS-HMA03 moisture balance incorporates a high-definition 5-inch LCD color touch-panel that displays with higher accuracy and clarity any test result than general panel. Also, its touch panel allows you to navigate through settings with ease.

About U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer

U.S. Solid SKU: JFHMA00003 UPC: 888107094029 Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours google product category: Hardware > Tools > Measuring Tools & Sensors > Moisture Meters The U.S. Solid USS-HMA03 Moisture Analyzer was designed to provide accurate measurements and fast results. It comes with smart functionalities that allows you to preset and store measuring methods, so you can access the options with ease. The device features a 400W halogen lamp and a premium transducer that delivers fast and accurate results even on low-moisture samples. Compact, practical, and easy to use, this moisture balance is a better choice for every lab. The USS-HMA03 Moisture Analyzer can preset and store up to 16 groups of measurement methods which will greatly improve measurement convenience. There are also 3 drying modes (Standard, Fast and Soft) and 3 ending modes (Auto, Manual and Timing) to choose from, which will bring great flexibility and excellent adaptability for various sample and testing situations. The cast aluminium enclosure, multi-storey stainless steel heating chamber and the high definition touch-screen panel determine the high quality and excellent experience. Features:· 400W halogen lamp;· HD touch-screen panel;· Allows up to 16 groups of methods to be preset and stored;· 3 drying modes: standard, fast, and soft;· 3 ending modes: automatic, manual, and timing;· Cast aluminum enclosure;· Multi-storey stainless steel heating chamber Specifications: Capacity: 110 gMinimum Weight: 1 g Readability: 0.001 g (1 mg) Moisture Readability: 0.01% Heating Element: Halogen Lamp Display Panel Type: Touch Screen Gross Weight: 15.7 lbs Packaging Dimensions: 13.78*13.78*18.90 inches (35*35*48 cm) Instruction ManualInstruction Video Model USS-HMA01 USS-HMA02 USS-HMA03 Capacity 110 g 110 g 110g Readability 0.005 g (5 mg) 0.001 g (1 mg) 0.001 g (1 mg) Moisture Readability 0.1% 0.01% 0.01% Panel Push-button Push-button Touch-screen U.S. Solid USS-HMA03 Touch- screen Moisture Analyzer https://ussolid.com/moisture-analyzer-110g-x-1mg-0-01-readabil...