Professional Wind Muffs
Professional Wind Muffs
Professional Wind Muffs
Professional Wind Muffs
Professional Wind Muffs

Professional Wind Muffs

Product ID : 41695560

Galleon Product ID 41695560
UPC / ISBN 863551000086
Shipping Weight 1.1 lbs
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Model PWM-ACC-008
Manufacturer 3DIO
Shipping Dimension 5.98 x 5.98 x 2.52 inches
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Professional Wind Muffs Features

  • Features 3 layers of wind protection

  • Deadcat design for superior dampening

  • Shower cap design fits securely around the ear disk

  • Compatible with all 3Dio FS Series Microphones

About Professional Wind Muffs

The 3Dio Professional Wind Muffs offer the perfect wind protection for the FS, FS XLR and FS Pro II Binaural Microphones. We've partnered with Rycote®, the world leader in microphone wind protection to design these custom wind muffs. They feature a 'shower cap' design with an elastic opening that you wrap around each ear disk. Each wind muff contains three layers of wind protection. The outside of the muff features a 'deadcat' fabric layer for a discreet and professional look. Behind the 'deadcat' layer is an internal wind screen that is a custom-designed oval shape that fits over the prosthetic ear of the microphone. This middle layer is sewn to both the outer and inner fabric layers to ensure it stays in place in windy conditions or during transport. The inner layer is a synthetic fabric that minimizes shedding and protects the ears and aluminum disks from scratches. All three layers are sewn together with an elastic band that easily fits over the entire ear disk. The professional wind muffs are designed to handle extremely high wind speeds. They have been successfully tested to not only provide wind protection in sustained winds of 90+ mph (145 kph), they have been tested to remain securely attached to ear disks in these highly windy conditions. Additionally, we designed them to be incredibly quick and easy to install. When capturing binaural audio, it is recommended to capture the most natural and realistic sound at the time of the recording. When recording in windy conditions, the recording should sound and feel like it is windy for the person listening. Even in extremely windy conditions, the binaural directionality is left unchanged. The wind muffs are sold in pairs of two. Note: You may need to turn on your bass roll-off filter in extremely windy conditions.