Avantone Audio MixCubes Full Range Mini Reference Monitors - Pair

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Galleon Product ID 1794190
UPC / ISBN 852437001026
Shipping Weight 33.25 lbs
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Model MixCubes
Manufacturer Avantone
Shipping Dimension 20.2 x 19.09 x 9.88 inches
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About Avantone Audio MixCubes Full Range Mini Reference

Pro Passive MixCube (Pair) Buttercream. The Avantone MixCubes are shielded, full-range mini reference monitors. Their design is inspired by the legacy of the 5C Sound Cubes used in virtually all-major studios for the last 25 years. Engineering Objective To build a full-range, rugged, mini-reference monitor to replace the older, aging, 5C Sound Cubes that are still in use worldwide, while offering an improved, more linear frequency response. A full year was spent studying all versions & revisions of the famous little 5C Sound Cubes. Research revealed that there were several driver versions released over the years with widely varying frequency response characteristics. Avantone chose the smoothest, most linear, full-range version of those 5C models to use as their testing benchmark. Next, they analyzed their response characteristics in an anechoic chamber and proceeded to implement design upgrades. Realizing the importance of replacing a respected "industry-standard reference monitor", they began by replicating its basic size, function, and sonic character. And then they took it up a notch. Cabinet Design The original 5C Sound Cubes were made of ½" particleboard covered with a glue-on woodgrain contact paper. They chose to use thicker, denser MDF board because of its high rigidity and inherent low-resonance characteristics. Starting with a 165mm (6 1/2") sealed cube design with radiused edges, they chose an elegant polyurethane high-gloss "RETRO-CREAM" finish. The originals had either screws, or on later models, plastic binding posts, mounted on a recessed plastic cup. These have been upgraded to high-end nickel-plated, machined solid metal binding posts (dual banana spacing) mounted on a black anodized, milled and silk-screened aluminum terminal plate. Next Avontone added a 7mm thick neoprene pad embedded into the base of the cabinet to serve as a skid-resistant acoustic isolator. Additionally, for creative mounting situations, Avontone recessed an industry st...