Acoustic Geometry HD Door Seal Kit

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About Acoustic Geometry HD Door Seal Kit

Soundproofing any room starts with eliminating the air gaps around the door. The highly-effective Door Seal Kit includes an automatic bottom seal and adjustable jamb seals, which create an airtight seal. The automatic door bottom seal lowers a neoprene gasket to the door threshold and works as a self-leveling unit – the gasket end nearest the hinge drops first, with the rest of the seal self-leveling to the threshold as the door closes. The adjustable jamb seal is installed around the two sides and top of the door jamb, utilizing soft neoprene rubber to create an airtight seal by closing the air gap between the door and the jamb. If door swings INTO the room, the kit goes on the OUTSIDE of the door; if door swings OUT OF the room, the kit goes on the INSIDE of the door. All door seals over 24″ can be trimmed up to 1″ & door seals that are 36″ or 42″ can be trimmed up to 3″. Some field trimming may be necessary for best fit. For best cut, pull neoprene gasketing out of housing and cut with compound miter saw/chop saw. Please watch our installation video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=C2MTodSzfts This Kit is for doors that are 34" - 36"w x up to 84"h. Other kits are available on our website.